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Sustainable Business

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Sustainable Business
Tammy T. Maden
BA 317 International Management
21 April 2013
Instructor Lee

Sustainability combines the principles of economic growth, environmental stewardship, governance, and social accountability. This Compare and Contrast analysis will introduce Managing Partner, David Blood's views on The Case of Sustainable Business. This review will include a brief description of what an International Manager may face in the business world and the duties of a successful International Manager. You will gain the knowledge of David's view, the International Manager, and how they relate.

While corporate sustainability is not new, companies still fail to apply sustainability principals at the heart of the business. It should become part of the company's fabric and later an essential support for growth. David Blood, Managing Partner of Generation Investment Management, believes that putting together fundamental equity analysis and sustainability research throughout the process is a reasonable way to invest and provide superior returns to clients (Gresham College Lecture, 2008). He defines sustainability in both investing and business. I chose this video because it is about our future and how businesses could save the quality of life; this is what matters right now. It is very important in today's world because according to the United States Census Bureau, the population of the world as of this second is 7,080,247,340, in which one birth takes place every eight seconds (United States Census Bureau, 2013). This means we are using more and more resources every day. We should adopt a culture of continuous improvement to save our resources and allow them to last us longer.
The Case for Sustainable Business David Blood believes so much in sustainability that in 2004 with former USA Vice-President Al Gore, he founded Generation Investment...

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