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Sustainable (Cost Effective) Energy Efficient Lighting

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|Sustainable (Cost Effective) Energy Efficient Lighting |May 24 |
| |2013 |
|An analysis on the different aspects of LEDs, CFLs and incandescent lamps. |Ronald Meeske 12100979 |

Table of Contents Contents
Introduction 2
Lamps (Light bulbs) 2
Potential Savings Using High Efficacy Lamps 3 Incandescent Lamps (Worst Case) 3 LED lamps (Worst Case) 3 CFL lamps (Worst Case) 3
Cost implications of installing energy saving lamps 5
CFLs vs. LEDs 6
Implementing Sustainable Energy Efficient Lighting in South Africa 9 LED Initial Price 9 Awareness 9 Subsidisation 9 Light Consumption 9
Conclusion 10
References 11

Table 1: Comparison of LEDs, Incandescent Light Bulbs and CFLs. 2
Table 2: Potential Savings using worst cases of: LEDs, CFLs and Incandescent lamps. 4
Table 3: Lamp cost details. 5
Table 4: Differences between CFLs and LEDs [15] 6
Figure 1: CO2 per kg saved for CFL lamps in comparison with incandescent lamps 7
Figure 2: CO2 per kg saved for LED lamps in comparison with incandescent lamps 8


Visible light is electromagnetic radiation that is perceived by the naked human eye, and is the core element of the sense of sight. However, lighting is one of the greatest consumers of electricity in a building, ranging from 20% to 50% of the aggregate energy consumption [1, 2]. There are various factors that affect the energy usage of lighting, but one of the main causes is the actual lamps. With this in consideration we can look at different aspects of lamps, namely: the comparisons…...

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