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Sustainable Use

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Grade Levels: Current 7th & 8Th Grade, due to graduate in 2017 & 2018
Subjects: Earth Science, Mathematics, Biology, Conservation, Leadership

(2nd Draft Driving Question)

How does land use area affect our environment and how are we ensuring that our use of land is sustainable over time?
(Original Driving Question)
Does human development of land in the area change the local ambient air temperature, air humidity levels, soil temperature, & soil moisture content?
Thearea has an economy based primarily on agriculture, with a high percentage of the landscape developed for use in growing and processing produce. We are asking if this development has a significant impact on the environment and if the continual use of this land in this manner is sustainable in the long-term.

Washington State Next Generation Science Standards

1. Developing & Using Models.
2. Constructing explanations and design solutions.
3. Natural Resources.
4. Cause and effect.
5. Energy and Matter.
6. Stability and Change.

Identify key skills students will learn in this project. List those skills that you plan to assess (2-4)
1. Data Collection, taking samples.
2. Graphing and logging results.
3. Reviewing and analyzing data i.e.; soil moisture content and temperature, air temperature and humidity levels.
4. Public presentation and discussion of results and outcomes on a regular basis and during a culminating event.
5. Use of the Scientific Method.

Identify the habits of mind that students will practice in this project (1-2).

1. Thinking Flexibly.
Am I only gathering data and charting results, or am I trying to understand the overall purpose of the project?

2. Metacognition.
Am I thinking and rethinking, analyzing why I come to certain conclusions? Do my thinking patterns help or hinder my growth?

3. Gathering Data Through All Senses.
The tools I use tell me if the water and soil are dry or moist, they tell e if it is warm. What do my senses tell me? Does the soil feel wet or dry, how does the air feel? How do the data collection sites differ according to my own senses?

4. Learning Continuously.
Can I use this experience to grow as a student, as a steward to our environment?

• Does the project meet the criteria for standards-focused PBL?

Craft the Driving Question
State the essential question or problem statement for the project. The statement should encompass all project content and outcomes, and provide a central focus for student inquiry.

Does human development of land and agricultural production change the local ambient air temperature, soil temperature, humidity level, & soil moisture content? Is this use of land helpful or harmful? Is using land in this manner sustainable in the Long-term?

• Have you posed an authentic problem or significant question that engages students and requires core subject knowledge to solve or answer? Plan the Assessment
Step 1: Define the products for the project. What will you assess?
Early in the Project

1. Collecting data; soil samples to determine moisture levels and temperature, air samples for humidity percentage and temperature.
2. Charting findings and discussing findings in small group settings.

During the Project

1. Continue gathering data on a monthly basis at the same sites. Sites will be chosen based on access and use.
2. Create charts and graphs detailing changes in levels over time.
3. Discuss data and possible meanings of results.

End of the Project?

1. Understand and demonstrate Scientific Method from start to finish.
2. Communicate research and data results written and orally, including public speaking, small group discussions, and project capstone report.

Plan the Assessment (2)
Step 2: State the criteria for exemplary performance for each product.
Product: Graphs and Charts
Students will create at least 3 graphs and Charts. Students may choose to which combination they use, as long as there are at least a total of 3 different document and at least one graph and one chart is used.

Product: Research Presentation (Including a summary of data results, Research on the effects of land development for agriculture production)

Report will focus on the difference, if any, of the data collected on developed sites as opposed to undeveloped site. Report will discuss and least 3 possible ramifications of the temperature and moisture difference.
Reports will outline at least 2 possible changes that can be made to improve the prospect of long-term sustainability of land use. • Do the products and criteria align with project standards and outcomes?

Map the Project
What do students need to know and be able to do to complete the tasks successfully? How and when will they learn the necessary knowledge and skills? Look at one major product for the project and analyze the tasks necessary to produce a high-quality product.

Scientific Method X
Data Collection X
Basic Chemistry Concepts X
Plot Graph done by hand x
Graphing done in Excel X
Observation & Journaling x
Lab Safety X

What project tools will you use?
€ Soil analyzer
€ Air analyzer
€ Data Notebook/iPad
€ Journals
€ Video Camera/iPad
€ GPS Unit/iPad
€ _________________________________
€ _________________________________
€ _________________________________
€ _________________________________
€ _________________________________
• Do the products and tasks give all students the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned?

Map the Project (2)
List the key dates and important milestones for this project (before, during, after).

1. Meet with Math and Science teachers as well as administration to discuss project and alignment with classroom content.
2. Review materials that have already been purchased and purchase the remaining materials.
3. Introduce students to project during advisory period.
4. Meet with Students during advisory and during Math and Science classes to begin project and discuss out of class requirements.
5. Send home an application for students to sign up and have parent/guardian signature. District approval and parent contacts will be made before any off campus trips
6. Review materials that have already been purchased and purchase the remaining materials.
7. Arrange supervision and transportation for all off campus trips. 8. Meet with landowners and local stakeholders to secure sites for sample collection.

What challenges or problems might arise in this project? What ideas do you have to overcome them?
1. Securing access to sites to collect samples.
2. Aligning with the school day, interfering with pre-existing curriculum.
3. Keeping students interested in a project that could potentially last their entire high school career.

Manage the Process
List preparations necessary to address needs for differentiated instruction for ESL students, special-needs students, or students with diverse learning styles.

The vast majority of our students are proficient English speakers. We will work with the migrant student office to address the needs all students and parents who need assistance with interpretation.

Project staff will be in continual communication with teachers, administration, counselors, and migrant student office staff to meet all the needs or our students.

How will you and your students reflect on and evaluate the project?

€ Large and Small group discussion during advisory class and during math and science classes, as well in the after school program.
€ Students will be placed in teams, each team will keep data and produce a report on results. Reports will be presented in a written and oral form. Written reports will be included in a capstone project report.
€ Groups will record various elements of the project in video form. A video report will be produced by students.

What do you expect to get from this project?
We expect students to produce a report detailing how temperatures and moisture levels differ from collection site to site, and how they change over seasons and time. What do you expect to learn?
We expect students to learn how to collect, chart, graph, and analyze data.
We expect students to learn leadership skills, how to work in groups.
We expect students to start considering how we as producers and consumers effect our environment.
We expect students to consider changes that would allow our business practices to be both economical and sustainable over the long-term.

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