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Suv Market in India

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Marketing Nuggets
Project – SUV Market in India
Success of Mahindra XUV 500
Amit Ahi
Samir Chitkara
Dr. Bhaskar Sonowal
Anirban Sarkar Amit Dass
Dwarka Nath Sharma
Table of Contents Current market Size & key market trends 5 India’s Socio demographic profile 5 Indian Automobile Market 6 Size of Indian Automobile market 7 Key Market Trends for SUVs / Automobiles 8 Key market trends of SUVs 10 Segmentation of the market 11 Price Based Segmentation 11 Entry Level 11 Mid Segment 11 Premium Segment 11 Luxury 11 Price Wise Segmentation for Indian SUVs 12 Usage Based Segmentation 13 Off Roading: 13 Soft Roading: 13 Consumer Behavior noticed in Buying SUVs 13 Psychological factors 13 Personal Factors 14 Social Factors 14 Positioning of different brands in SUV market in India 15 Entry Level SUVs: 15 Renault Duster 15 Mahindra Scorpio 15 Tata Safari 16 Mid Segment: 16 Tata Aria 16 Force One 17 MAHINDRA XUV 500 18 Skoda Yeti 18 Ford Endevour 19 CHEVROLET Captiva 19 HONDA CRV 19 TOYOTA Fortuner 20 Key Advertising and Promotion campaigns adopted by leading brands 21 Mahindra XUV 500 21 Digital Marketing – FAce Book & Twitter 21 Launch Campaign 21 Force One 21 Big B as the Brand Ambassador 21 Toyota FORTUNER 23 Campaign Tag: “The Art of Power” 23 Toyota Fortuner Marketing Campaign: Experience the Power of Art on your Mobile 23 Results and achievements 24 RENAULT DUSTER 26 Big, Beautiful, Efficient 26 Campaign Tag Line- Drive the Change 26 What was GOOD? 27 Short commings 27 Production Constrains - All other campaigns were DELAYED: 27 Tata Aria 28 Physical Display 28 Online Campaign 28 Marketing Strategies adopted by two key players 29 Mahindra XUV 500 29 Metaphor Cheetah 29 Secrecy 29 Shortage 29 Tata Aria 30...

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