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Suzlon Case Study

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Suzlon Case Study

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Introduction The wind energy sector has attained a high-level attention and acceptability in the contemporary renewable global market compared to other sources. The year 2014 marked the highest growth rate by 11% with 50GW annual installation for the first time. It was a record high of 99.5 billion in the same year rising from the previous 80.3 billion in 2013. India to be specific ranks the fourth globally in wind energy uptake with an installed capacity of 6018 MW. The wind energy sector is expected to create more jobs, fuel economic activity and extensively reduce CO2 emissions on earth. Wind power is now becoming the best option for power companies in adding capacity to a grid since it is attributed to low costs (Global Wind Energy Outlook, 2014, pp. 12). According to the information, the sector reflects an amiable growth in the coming years however, the energy industry in its entirety has many challenges since parties come up with new and costs effective forms of energy. The research paper begins by holistically analyzing the major challenges and opportunities facing the global wind energy industry and their strategic implications, using porter’s five forces model. The porter’s five forces model serves to analyze the competitive forces in the industry to identify opportunities and threats. The analysis covers five facets namely the risk of entry by new competitors, intensity of rivalry among established companies within the industry, the bargaining power of buyers, the bargaining power of suppliers and the closeness of substitutes to an industry product. A strong competitive force is regarded as a threat since it depresses profits while a weak competitive force allows the company to make profits.

The Risk of entry by New Competitors Competitors are companies not...

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