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Swarovski Limited Edition Collection for Chanel

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Crystal Limited Edition: Swarovski Limited Edition Collection for Chanel
The Event Design

The event will take place in Milan at Officine del Volo, an industrial structure built in 1915. The venue consists of 3 separate rooms on two different floors, the total space being 1500 square meters. For our event on 8th of November, we will use the Eliche room on the ground floor for welcoming the guests and serving a pre-dinner drink and for the dinner we will use the Biplano room on the first floor.
Eliche room has a space of 500 square meters that is punctuated with columns, which give a sense of structure to the room. The wooden ceiling brings a warmer contrast to the cement floor and columns. From Eliche room guests take the stairs to Biplano room that will host the dinner. Biplano room is characterised with elements from the early century; parquet floor, wooden trusses and big windows at both ends of the room.

Elegant Gala Dinner
In order to celebrate the launch of Limited Edition Collection of necklaces for Chanel, we want to create a Gala Dinner that combines the image of the two iconic companies present; Chanel and Swarovski. Chanel represents casual elegance, quality and luxury, while Swarovski brings a touch of glamour and sparkle. For the event we decided to use three main colours: black, white and different shades of violet. Black and white can be seen in the furnishing and decoration, creating a simple yet elegant atmosphere, while violet lightning adds a touch of luxury and gives a sense of warmness. Now we are going to describe the design in detail.

Upon their arrival to Officine del Volo, the guests will see a projection of both Swarovski and Chanel logos on the outside wall. A black carpet will be spread at the entrance and continue inside the Eliche room, where the press will be ready for taking pictures of the guests as they arrive. The black carpet will also cover the stairway to Biplano room. To transform the room we need to cover the walls in soft white draping in order to create a correct atmosphere. This will also be done upstairs in Biplano room. The columns in the entrance room will be light from bottom up with soft violet lights. Upstairs the walls covered in white draping will be light with violet light to create an intimate atmosphere. A Swarovski crystal chandelier will be placed in the middle of the ceiling of Biplano room.
From the crystal chandelier we will set up white drapings that cover part of the ceiling. This is a way to make the space more luminous. In addition to artificial light used to illuminate the columns and the walls, we are going to use lot of candles. Outdoors we will place big candles in a row next to the black carpet, and inside we will place tea light candles on tables, on the stairs and on the candleholders on the dinner tables.

Flower arrangements
For the flowers we have chosen to use white Camellia flowers, which are a symbol of Chanel’s haute couture. We will install a low round camellia arrangement on each dinner table, and also on the tables downstairs, where the pre-dinner drinks are served. Single camellia flowers will be set on the stairs to bring contrast to the black carpet.

Table arrangements
Eliche room
We will place 20 high bar tables covered with white linen around the black carpet in Eliche room. On each table there will be a candle and camellia flower arrangement. An illuminated bar will be set on the letft-hand side of the room next to the DJ’s table.

Biplano room
We will use 16 round tables to seat the guests. We will have 15 tables with 8 guests and 1 table with 10 guests seated. Tables will be covered in full length with white cloths. Chairs are dressed with white cotton covers and with a black organza bow around the back of the chair.
On each table there’s a low camellia flower arrangement, and in the center of the table there is a silver candleholder decorated with Swarovski crystals.

Table setting
The dinner table set up will be made with clear glass and porcelain. All the tableware is rented from RentToday. The dinner service plate will be glass and other plates porcelain, all of them round. The cutlery is from “Oxford” collection. The white wine, red wine and water glasses are all from Princesa collection. Presenting the collection
The necklace collection will be presented in two ways. First, it will be displayed at the end of Eliche room on an illuminated table, where guests can see it while enjoying their pre-dinner drink. The table will display the necklaces in glass boxes and surrounded with camellia flowers.

In Biplano room we will have a big projection on the northern wall of the room, displaying pictures of the collection.

During the pre-dinner drink on the ground floor we will have the DJ from Armani Privé, Frank Chianese, who will set up the mood with soft lounge music.

In Biplano room we will have the Turin born pianist Ludovico Einaudi playing music ranging from classic, jazz to popular depending on the atmosphere as the night goes on.

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