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In our work, international cooperation and working together with teams in other countries is becoming more and more common. As a large bank, we pay close attention to international know-how and presence in all important financial centers worldwide.
The importance of culture in a global environment
Culture is identified as an important factor influencing the understanding and interpretation of the appraisal process, its development, implementation, and other appraisal related elements and functions

Nowadays, communications, transportation and other technologies allows almost any businesses to be global. From simply creating a web-site or physically opening a store in a foreign country, understanding local culture is often overlooked, and caused more business failure then any other business aspect.

modern working environment inevitably gather a team of international experts
in many cases gained professional experience is enriched
must comply with the local environment and work culture
as a country with a developing economy in my country is perceived more restrained attitude in the office
procedures require to comply with the hierarchical levels
ignoring the responsible party is a sign of unethical behavior
increasingly being adopted international practices and increasingly seek the feedback / views of employees
Every year study conducted internal staff satisfaction
The Internal Opinion Survey provides an organization with feedback on the overall satisfaction and motivation levels of employees, on several themes defined during the preparatory process. For example: knowledge and engagement in the company strategy; perception of leadership and management; proximity management; HR evaluations and systems; motivational factors, and so on.
This survey can be occasional or recurring. It can be used in the context of high performance or with dysfunctional…...