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Sweatshop is Conflicts With the Moral Standards
PMP 400
Quan Zhang ( Lyla)
Royal Roads University
Elvira Perrella
March 9, 2015

Sweatshop is Conflicts With the Moral Standards
Green, B., & Norton, S. (2011). Reading. In. W, Anne & M. Laura ( Eds.), Essay essentials with readings (pp. 336- 341). Toronto, ON: Nelson Education Ltd. In the article, before the research, like many people, the author’s attitude was old, but after the research, the author’s attitude changed. The author chose the country of Bangladeshi to illustrate her point that working in a sweatshop can be a positive experience for women in developing countries by focusing primarily on one country. First, she argued that sweatshops offer jobs for women and give them the opportunity to improve the quality of their lives. Second, women can experience some independence about managing their finances and choosing their marriages although they have the small income. In this article, the author used others’ opinion, details and facts to develop her topic. The data and cases were enough to prove the argument, and the evidence was very creditable and believable. Although this article argued in the opposite way with me, it gave my article a new perspective about the sweatshop labors. What's more, the author gave me a good evidence about counterargument, which work at the sweatshop is better than no jobs. Then I can refutation this counterargument that the sweatshop conflicts with the moral standards. In this way, I can make my argument stronger. Meyers, C. (2004). Wrongful Beneficence: Exploitation and Third World Sweatshops. Journal of Social Philosophy, 35(3), pp. 319 – 333. doi: This article argues that apparel manufacturers and their contractors do exploit workers frequently. Trough the research, the author described that sweatshops exploit their workers in various ways, paying their meager wages for long hours of toil in difficult work environment. As the laboring of sweatshops these workers at work being treated unfairly, and took the lowest benefit, which is one form of wrongful conduct. However, to continue growing rapidly, the third world needs to make the next transition, from sweatshop economy to the innovation economy. In this article, the author did lots of research and surveys from different countries; also the author used others' opinion to support own argument. The data and cases were enough to prove the argument, and the evidence was very creditable and believable. I can use them in my paper to prove that sweatshop conflict with the moral standard, especially in the third world.
Norton, S., & Green, B. (2011). Reading. In. W, Anne & M. Laura ( Eds.), Essay essentials with readings (pp. 317- 319). Toronto, ON: Nelson Education Ltd. The article exposed the truth of Walmart’s low prices. The author indicated that Walmart increases profits by paying low wages and benefits to its employees. However, the customers are hard to resist the low prices because they prefer to consider themselves profits rather than the employees'. The author wants to make the customers aware of Walmart policies. In addition, the author suggests that the government pass laws that can balance the interests of big business with the protection of labor, environmental, and community rights. This article published in 2006, the data and research are old, but it offered many useful concepts that can help me to understand the issue of Walmart. Furthermore, the article gave my research a new perspective that how the sweatshops operation, also this article is a good evidence to support that the sweatshops conflict with the moral standards. I can choose these data and cite them in my paper, and the data will make my evidence more powerful and believable. Powell, B., & Zwolinski, M. (2011). The Ethical and Economic Case Against Sweatshop Labor: A Critical Assessment. Journal of Business Ethics, 107(4), pp. 449–472. doi: The idea of sweatshop has grown increasingly has been hotly contested over the past several years. At first, the author reviews the moral and economic foundations, then argues that the sweatshops are flawed, which are the violation of labor right. The author addresses the question of sweatshops are justified in violating local labor laws. Then the author pointed out that the global market competitions are the fundamental reason for growing sweatshops. Finally, the author provides some recent literature, which applies to the ban exploitation of sweatshop labor and offers advice on modifying the behavior of sweatshops. In this article, the framework is very clear. The author mainly expounds the sweatshops are flawed and against the sweatshop labor. The author not only used data to support their thesis, but also they used others' opinions to assess the issue and gave the recommendations. The evidence is believable because the authors of this article are the professor of economics and philosophy respectively, which means they had strong academic background and abundant research experience. Some opinions of this article are very useful, such as the point of the global market competitions are the fundamental reason of the number of huge sweatshops. I can use these points in my paper and cite others’ opinions. This article is valuable to my paper.
Sauers, J. (2013). What's the Solution to the World's Sweatshop Problem? Retrieved from This article argues that how to solve the problem of sweatshop. Though the fact that the factory collapse in Bangladesh, the author analyzed that how Nike, Walmart became the global symbol of abusive labor practices, and then tried to cover up the truth. This essay points out that because of saving cost, the workers had to work in difficult circumstance, which accidents often happened. The accidents have threatened seriously works life safety. The author used data to prove a truth about Nike and Walmart became the sweatshop. The author provides a well-reasoned, and insightful analysis of the sweatshop makes workers in dangerous work environment, which is a good example of my argument that sweatshop conflict with the moral standards. These data are useful and helpful for my paper.


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