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Swot Analysis For North Face

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The age of the main target market for North Face is individuals between the ages of 36-51. 40% of the market lies in ages 25-50. However, 5% of sales lies in ages 50-75 (Target Audience Analysis, 2017). According to market research for gender demographics sales are split down the middle for both 50% from male and female consumers. The demographics also vary outside of this age due to the large range of people owning pets. The pet hair resistant fleece targets anyone who owns pets and who understands the struggle of pets shedding and hair taking over clothing.
North Face strives to be a very sustainable brand that works to use recycled industrial waste products by improving their technologies while reducing waste. They remain loyal to this practice
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Their mission defines their company goals, culture, and standards. Their statement is divided into three promises. The pet hair resistant fleece is the newest product line that meets the objectives of North Face’s mission statement. The first promise is that the company will provide the best gear for athletes and the modern day explorer. North Face provides its customers with high quality products. They make products such as hats, gloves, coats, pants, tents, sleeping bags, and much more that can withstand the harshest weather conditions. Their products are lightweight, protective, functional, and allow for a better range of motion. The pet hair resistant fleece maintains all of the benefits that the other product lines at North Face offers. The added benefit is that now any unwanted hair will not stick to the clothing. The second promise is that the company will support the preservation of the outdoors. The process of developing their products include reducing plastic waste, reducing dependence on fossil fuels, and reducing the impact on air and water resources. The new line will be created by using microfiber materials which were recycled. The third promise is to inspire a global movement of exploration. They want to get as many people outside and active as they can. The company’s …show more content…
Their strategy is to provide products and services that are unique in the outdoor apparel industry. This company produces high quality products at a higher price. At first the company was focused on marketing their products to outdoor enthusiasts. Their products are made to survive harsh conditions and protect consumers while hiking, skiing, snowboarding, or any outdoor activity. However, they realized that their products were also being used by other consumers outside of extreme outdoor activities. They are known as a cold-weather brand. Going forward they are focusing on expanding their target demographic to include all types of consumers. They are developing into a brand known for a one-stop shop for athletes. The North Face brand has become very popular and is even a fashion statement. The company uses Instagram and receives many tags and reposts from its 1.2 million followers. The new line of pet hair resistant clothing is an example of targeting a consumer that is not interested in the extreme outdoor activities. These types of individuals want a functional and fashionable product. Some of North Face’s strategies include reaching new customers, investing in technology and innovation, driving growth in key geographic markets, expanding global direct-to-consumer platform, and promoting outdoor participation. North Face seeks to achieve and maintain product leadership. They provide consistent high quality products by

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