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Swot Analysis Of Nandos

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Nando’s, on the other hand, are a mono branded business. They are wholly privately owned. This means that they are not legally obliged to comply with all King Code principles, but rather heavily encouraged to do so. As they are a private company, they do not produce an integrated annual report for public review, as do the listed companies. This means that they could skim the surface of King compliance and do the bare minimum. Many privately-owned companies do exactly this. Nando’s have clearly taken their role within wider society extremely seriously and their CSR programs reflect this. It is a clearly crafted strategic imperative with outcome based goals. The CSR programs that have been chosen reflect the quirky brand personality – the …show more content…
Nando’s chooses to proudly advertise their CSR programs in all their branches, the artwork is proudly on display, and the bracelets sold for the malaria project (all with explanation attached) are for sale at every till point. Robbie Brozin, the co-founder has reiterated time and again that Nando’s is a passionate brand and that every CSR project “has to be threaded into the DNA of the brand.” This promise, in my opinion, has been clearly fulfilled. He further goes on to say that CSR should not be something which is a whim of a new CEO or committee in that they decide that the next project will be to support some form of sporting activity – something that, whilst giving back to society, does not tie into the brand identity. Nando’s is not a listed company therefore they could get out of not fully complying with the King Code IV but it is strongly advised that they do comply. It is also evident in their ethos that they do apply the King Code IV and that they have thought it through and have made it their brand identity and re shouting loud nod proud who they are and that they have to help South Africans and it is a journey and not all about profit but about assisting others in a way in which it enhances their business …show more content…
Nando’s CSR is personal, linked to brand identity and “in your face” in all the branches. It actually enhances the brand experience for the customer and “makes the chicken taste better.” Through analysis of research it is evident that Nando’s runs the more successful CSR initiatives, as they have a much further reach into the community and ultimately translates positively to their customers.
Steers offers an off the shelf, at arm’s length CSR program which merely complies with the legislation around this issue. No thought has gone into brand meaning and its translation into CSR programs as the CSR for Famous Brands is group wide and not specific. This is simply not going to be good enough in our modern world where studies have shown that customers choices are very influenced by brand integrity as part of the whole

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