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APIIT Education Group has risen throughout the years as one of Malaysia's Largest Education Groups tending to all levels of Education.

The Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU) is amongst Malaysia's Premier Private Universities, and is the place a one of a kind combination of innovation, advancement and imagination works adequately towards planning graduates for huge parts in business and society all around. APU has earned an advantageous notoriety as a honor winning University through its accomplishments in winning a large group of prestigious grants at national and global levels, and additionally a fabulous reputation in creating profoundly employable graduates who can quickly add to industry upon graduation.
. Initially settled as the Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT) in 1993 and the Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation (UCTI) in 2004, APU's sound way to deal with supporting school leavers into qualified experts has brought about our graduates being exceptionally looked for after by businesses. With a universal understudy group from more than 110 nations examining in its Malaysian grounds, APU offers a genuinely cosmopolitan learning environment which gets ready understudies well for the worldwide difficulties which lie ahead.

While Technology frames a typical center as an empowering influence over its scholarly projects, APU offers a wide scope of projects including territories, for example, Computing, Technology and Engineering, and projects in Business, Accounting and Banking and Finance.

The Asia Pacific Language Center (APLC) is the particular Language Center of The Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU) and the APIIT Education Group, situated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. APLC offers an extensive variety of value English dialect courses which are particularly intended to enhance English in a warm, amicable and proficient learning environment. APLC is likewise a British Council approved Testing Center for IELTS We offer English dialect escalated study and occasion bundles and additionally programs which are tweaked to address particular needs of our customers. The Language Center additionally consistently sorts out energizing social projects to improve the general understudy learning background and furnish understudies with an incredible Malaysian involvement in Kuala Lumpur.
Enrollment is the way toward creating a pool of qualified contender for a specific employment, or in straightforward words, the way toward finding potential hopefuls. Determination comprises of procedures required in procuring the correct individual for the right occupation at the perfect time and at a right cost. Enrollment botches can't be effectively revised. Inability to procure the right individuals may bring about elevated amounts of turnover expanded preparing costs and a large group of different issues. Consequently, managers need to guarantee that lone capable laborers are utilized. As we an opening for a Lecturer in Human Resource Management. I might want to give out the enrollment strategies that are there and which one is most reasonable to use for contracting the teacher .
Outer recruitmement strategies would be reasonable for procuring an address ,the outside enlistment serves as the key HR( human resoucre)process for the developing or building up an organisation.Its conveys new and empowered representatives to the establishment and permits it to grow.The outside enrollment techniques responds faster than the inner enlistment strategy on the grounds that the outside contracts conveys new ideas,different ways to deal with critical thinking in the workplace,and bring they can bring the outer best practice.therefore the foundation needs new individuals for new administrations who have the past involvement with it.the work opening can be reported remotely and informal communities would spare an expansive advertising budget,people will begin to remark and begin taking after bits of gossip outside enlistment is a capable showcasing device, it is not costly consequently numerous establishment or association ues the outside enrollment pay higher salaries,but done partake in preparing workers they make great utilization of their aptitudes and potentials,and they return experience individuals back to the employment market.Its more aggressive than the low inside improvement of new possibilities.
Section techniqes
List of specific selection techniques that can be used by the dean for hiring a lecture
All these selection techniques the dean will have to work hand in hand with the HR department as explained in the table below;

Job Posting | 1. The Dean will initiate the job posting after the Position Management Process is complete.
2. Human Resources will initiate conversation about the services to be provided during the hiring process.
3. The job posting will be posted until the closing date.
4. Human Resources will consult with the dean and determine what level of service will be provided during the recruiting process. | Applicant Eligibility | 1. Once an applicant has completed an on-line application Human Resources will check eligibility for hire
2. All other applicants will be considered eligible unless listed on the Security “No Trespass” list. | Recruitment Advertising | 1. Human Resources will assist with crafting the advertisement language and may suggest sites for the advertisement.
2. Human Resources will place the advertisement for the specified period of time.
3. Human Resources will notify advertisers to remove the posting if the position has been filled. | Interview Process | 1. The dean will determine when, where and with whom interviews will take place.
2. The dean will work with Human Resources to conduct the first interview to narrow the candidate pool.
3. The dean and Human Resources will determine the questions to be asked using the interview guide resources in HR. | Offers of Employment | 1. Offers of employment will be made by the dean in compliance with employment policies and compensation policies of the University.
2. Offers will be contingent on the successful completion of all pre-employment screenings (background check, drug test, reference checks).
3. Offer letter language will be provided by Human Resources. | Pre-employment Criminal Background Check | 1. The deans department will contact Human Resources after the offer is verbally accepted to initiate the background check.
2. Before the pre-employment criminal background checks can be conducted, an Employment Application must be signed by the applicant and on file with the Office of Human Resources.
3. Human Resources will obtain the necessary information from the candidate.
4. A third party provider is used to gather background information.
5. Results are maintained in a separate file (not the employment file). | Pre-Employment Drug Testing | 1. The deans department should contact Human Resources after the offer has been verbally accepted. Human Resources will initiate the pre-employment drug test. The dean or candidate will be given the information on the clinic location and will provide the clinic with the necessary authorization for testing. 2. Before the pre-employment drug test can be conducted, an Employment Application must be signed by the applicant and on file with the Office of Human Resources.
3. Drug test results are usually received 3-4 business days after the date of the test. | Pre-Employment Physical Examinations | 1. Departments should contact Human Resources, 200 Grace Hall, for assistance in such cases. The University reserves the right to select the examining physician. | Pre-Employment Reference Check | 1. The dean obtains list of professional references from candidate.
2. The dean will call the references and review any performance information on file (for internal candidates or former employees).
3. Using the reference guide ask the reference the questions.
4. Document all information obtained during the reference call.
5. If the references are satisfactory the Hiring Manager will notify the Human Resources and proceed with the offer of employment. | Closing the Posting | 1. Once all Pre-Employment checks are complete Human Resources will notify the dean
2. The dean will be responsible for updating the status of all applicants and closing the posting.
3. Unless otherwise specified by the dean, all candidates not selected will be sent appropriate correspondence. |

Interviews How would you explain the fact that structured interviews, regardless of content, are more valid than unstructured interviews for predicting job performance? One way to reduce bias is to move away from these unstructured interviews. Because unstructured interviews are the easiest to implement when you’re busy, they do not provide the best results in selecting the candidate that is right for the job/. This is because the questions are not consistent across candidates and can change given how the conversation flows with different people, making it harder to draw comparisons. There is, however an objective way to interview by using structured interviews. Structured interviews take more time to prepare for but have years of research behind them to support their results. Here’s why behavioral structured interviews will help identify the right candidate: 1. They provide more objectivity: each candidate is asked the same questions based on what is required for the role. This provides candidates with the equal opportunity to showcase their abilities. If there are several managers involved in the interview process, then each manager’s detailed notes help to reach agreement in who to select. 2. Predictive: research shows that structured interviews are up to twice as effective at predicting job performance as unstructured ones. The questions chosen more accurately reflect behaviors needed on the job and the candidate’s responses indicate how they will perform once in the role. 3. Legal compliance: 100% of legal challenges against structured interviews survived. The courts look at the consistency of the interview across applicants, the job relatedness of the questions and the extent that the interview was designed to be objective. When trying to identify the right candidate for the role, structured interviews allow for a level playing field and help reduce bias. The conversation can take off on it’s own, but the key questions that need to be answered regarding what is critical to the role are accounted for. The detailed notes taken by the hiring managers can be referred back to and there’s more objective data to base a decision on. If you used a psychometric test in your hiring process, then you’ll see the behaviors expected are validated through the candidate’s responses. CONCLUSION Therefore the dean and HR department should work together in other to get the best skilled lecturer. And in any organization employers should search for potential and competent workers so as to bring growth and development at the workplace and the world at large. REFERENCE

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