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Swot Analysis of Mcdonalds Restaurants

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SWOT Analysis of McDonalds Restaurants Organization History
McDonalds started out as a small restaurant business by two bothers Dick and Mac McDonald in San Bernardino, California in 1948. But if faith did not occur in 1954 with Ray Kroc who is a traveling milk shake mixer salesman the franchise of McDonalds restaurants would possibly never had happen. Kroc noticed how the effectiveness of the two brothers operation worked with a limited menu, concentrating on a few items of just hamburgers, French fries, and beverages which allowed them to focus on quality at every step. This gave Kroc an idea, and so with his keen sense of what American consumers were looking for in eating out, Kroc suggested that the brothers expand their presence and offered his services as their agent. The first restaurant opened in 1955 in Illinois as the organization became the McDonald's Corporation. Six years later Ray bought out the founding brothers (mcdonald, 2012). That is how the little white and red restaurants with the bright yellow arches began. Since then McDonald’s restaurants has been a worldwide fast food franchise preferred by every age group. The McDonalds mission statement is "McDonald's brand mission is to be our customers' favorite place and way to eat"(Farfan, 2012). This is defined by the McDonald's Values, which reflects the experience that customers can expect when walking into a McDonald's fast food restaurant no matter where it is located.
Organizational Strengths and Weaknesses
A. First Organizational Strength- Community Oriented and Socially Charitable Involvement McDonald’s are an excellent community oriented and socially responsible company. The company is very active in children's charities such as the famous Ronald McDonald’s Houses, which provides accommodation, food and sibling support all at an...

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