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SWOT Analysis of Omnicare Inc. (OCR)

SWOT Analysis of Omnicare Inc. (OCR)

1. Introduction

Company Mission Statement
According to Omnicare’s website, www.omnicare.com, their mission statement is: “The best way Omnicare can benefit the individuals we serve is to consistently provide excellent service. Through decades of experience, Omnicare has developed a deep understanding of the daily, practical needs of our long term care and specialty care customers. Most of what we do fulfills those needs directly or through technology products used by our customer base. Every Omnicare employee, at every level, recognizes their commitment to the people we serve. Taken all together, our work is the best evidence that Omnicare believes in and lives its mission.” (Omnicare Inc., 2013) They have built their company using 4 core values to describe what the company is about and what principles the company were founded upon, they are:
1. Excellence-We believe in building customers for life by strengthening and deepening our relationships through a commitment to excellence in each and every action; we do things right. (Omnicare Inc., 2013)
2. Integrity-We act with honor and do the right thing-for our employees, our customers, our company, and our society. We hold ourselves, each other, and our company accountable to the highest standard. We act with courage to question any actions inconsistent with our values, our mission, or our responsibility to all of our shareholders. (Omnicare Inc., 2013)
3. Service-We demonstrate in our actions that we respect and serve the best interests of our employees, our customers, and our company; we follow through. (Omnicare Inc., 2013)
4. Compassion-With every life we touch, we listen and act with understanding. We are open and honest with each other and in our interactions with those we…...