Swot Analysis

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• Veteran Staffing
• Teamwork Based
• Patriotic Spirit
• Nationwide Facilities
• Time Constraints
• Excessive Workload
• Position Attrition
• Economic Budget Constraints

• Benefits Packages
• Upward Promotion Mobility
• Veteran Outreach Satisfaction

• Privatization
• Non Bipartisan Government
• Veteran Mortality Rates

Working at the Department of Veterans Regional office in St. Petersburg, Florida is a challenging and rewarding career position. This is the third component of the Federal government that I have been employed by and it is by far the most rewarding position I have held. As a disabled veteran, I am already appreciative of the dedication of the employees that helped me with my medical issues when I was going through my examinations and rehabilitation and some twelve years later I was able to join the ranks myself. What is most amazing about working at the Department of Veterans Affairs is that everyone that crosses our paths each day is a brother or sister of our military family.
By conducting a SWOT analysis of my position at the Department of Veterans Affairs, I can give a better understanding of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to myself and those outside of my environment which gives an opinion of the employment.
The Strengths of being an employee of the Department of Veterans Affairs are that” nearly about 57 percent of all male employees are veterans, and some 16,000 women employees served in the armed forces.” (Mannion, 2012) This helps immensely because when one has served in the military, the teamwork, respect and camaraderie between soldiers becomes a lifestyle and it is no different with the people I work with. We have been there so we know what it is like to be on the other side of the desk with the…...