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Strengthens: i. People
The personnel have flexible working hours. Besides, there are open communications to stimulate co-worker and manager to swap suggestion and discussion. i. Innovation
Prepaid and postpaid are played a great role to increase supply of voice and data services to individual and corporate customers. ii. Market
DiGi is Mobile Broadband and Mobile Network service provider. It has postpaid and prepaid plans for Mobile Broadband and Mobile Network. iii. Machinery
DiGi provides auto reloads online payment and these facilities bring convenience to customers and cost. iv. Experience
The experienced management personnel from overseas can bring global experience for company.

Weaknesses: i. Staff
The number of staff needed is not enough. It has many vacancies in the company. ii. Money
More training needs to provide to elevate and continuous improvement, more money needs to fund and preserve and hoist their network with latest equipment. iii. Users late receive latest technologies info
Users do not aware of DiGi’s products and services not only decrease its consumption but discard potential customers to competitors. iv. Saturated Market
Market is saturated (106%) and need to find innovative ways to gain new subscribers.

v. Lack of involvement
DiGi Ambassadors lack promoting DiGi’s products and services to increase interesting customers.

Opportunities: i. Foreign worker
Many foreign workers come to fill the vacancies of the production line. ii. High Literacy Rate
There are many educated people purchase DiGi’s products and services to convenient communicating. iii. High Living Standard
Malaysian can afford DiGi’s products and services for increasing quality of life. iv. High capital investment
DiGi.Com Berhad (“DiGi”) is listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad [Bloomberg: DIGIMK; Bursa Malaysia: DiGi (6947)]. It is owned in majority by Telenor ASA of Norway with 49%. v. Globalization
DiGi provides international roaming plans and services.

Threatens: i. High inflation
Higher Inflation causes the price of DiGi’s products and services gradually increases and thus decreases demand. ii. High bargaining power of suppliers
Malaysia’s telecommunication industry relies on the imports of the network components. So, DiGi has higher switching cost and limited choice. iii. High bargaining power of consumers
Consumers bargain for enjoying lower price broadband and mobile services in this competitive market. So, customers have lower switching cost and wider choice. iv. Government
Malaysian Government discourages school kids use hand phone. It directly decreases the demand for DiGi. v. Technological advancement
Due to the continuously technology advancement in wired & wireless technology, the DiGi’s products and services becomes outdated easily.

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