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Swot Negotiation In Global Trade

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World trade organization it is the global trade body, many country look toward as business reformation point of view. It made a rules and regulation for the global trade. It solve a trade relate dispute on international level, aim of the organization is to promote and give a platform to a developing country to show their product standard and access a international market. It has a separate guidance and principal to deal with a business problem and control the trade barriers. It is made a policy for accelerate a trade and build a bridge for developing country to reach toward develop nation. It provides a liberal agreement with member country for co-operative support to developing country.
Indian agriculture it is feature in itself,
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GATT was established in1948 in Geneva to purpose the objective was free trade in order to encores growth and development of all member countries. The main purpose of GATT was to ensure compaction in commodity trade through the removal or reduction of trade barrier. First seven round of the negotiation conduct under GATT were aim at stimulating international trade. Through reducing in tariff barrier and by reducing a non restriction on import impose by the countries.
The Urgency Round (8th round of the GATT)
It is a multi-round negotiation popularly known an urgency round was in 1986 at a special session on GATT contracting parties held at ministerial level, world trade had undergoing structural changes during the four decades since establishment of GATT, the share of agriculture in world merchandise trade which was 46 percent in 1950 had decline to 13 percent in 1987.

Agricultural sector agreement policy under the WTO
For the developing country, annex a new rule and commitment under the WTO agreement. For trade reform and make market oriented policy this will improve their import, export security
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Following the virtual removal of the quantitative restrictions (QRs) on agricultural imports with effect from 2001-02, several concerns have been raised by farmers’ groups in India, regarding their fate in the post-QR phase regarding their fate in the post-QR phase. To a large extent these reactions explain the hike in customs duties on a wide range of agriculture products in the union budget for 2001-02. It is also noteworthy that the Exim policy of 2001-02, despite removing QRs on practically all agricultural commodities, had sought to hedge this liberalization with its own systems of ‘checks and balances’. Meanwhile, India has also taken up certain important concerns, relating to food and livelihood security in the current round of

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