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Porsche - SWOTs


• High brand presence and reputation across the globe – popular luxury sportcars brand, preferred by rich, elite customers.

• Superior product quality & reliability – in March 2010, J.D. Power and Associates ranked Porsche as providing the best long term reliability of any brand in US. Also, Porsche production plant in Stuttgart was hailed as “the best car factory in the world.”

• Competitive advantage: Innovation & Expertise – with over 50 years of racing experience, Porsche has accumulated a wealth of technological expertise and employs bright minded engineers. They continue to provide difficult to imitate technologies such as seven gear PDK system.

• Model offering provide wide selection for many needs and different stages of life. Price range and performance varies greatly among the five model lines (the Boxster, the Cayman, the 911, the Panamera and the Cayenne) and their respective trim.


• Diversification into SUVs and Sedans might dilute Porsche brand name and ultimately destroy the distinct Porsche image, as this departed from the historic Porsche image (traditional two-door sports car models)


• Increasing fuel prices – consumers are extremely price sensitive.

• Changing to customer needs – fighting the stereotype of a gas-guzzling automobile segment. Porsche re-engineered many of its offerings to provide higher gasoline efficiency. E.g. 911 Turbo, CArrera, Boxster, SUV Cayenne


• Government policies e.g. new emission standards - Legislation imposes not only a significantly higher mpg requirement but a significantly higher penalty as well. Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) mandates that by 2020 automobile manufacturers and importers must have average mpg rating of 39 for cars, 30 for trucks or pay $35,700 for each individual car in...

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