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Swot Psa - Dongfeng

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Strengths | Weaknesses | * High profitability and revenue * Reduced labor costs * future profitability * Experienced management and business units * The PSA’s Capital increase is going to allow her to commit the necessary investments to widen it’s range and diversify his markets. * Dongfeng will be the first Chinese company of the automobile sector to begin it’s internationalization * Creation a center of common R&D in China, dedicated to the development of products and technologies intended for the high-growth markets, of which China. | * Tax structure * Investments in research and development * Future profitability * Competitive market | Opportunities | Threats | * New markets * Growing demand * Growing economy * New products and services * Global market * Join Venture * The connecting car market * The global automobile market is doing well and take over of the European Market * Upmarket to adapt to the polarization of the market : low-cost and high-range | * Government regulations * Price/Tax changes * High competition |

Dongfeng Automobile Co :

Strengths | Weaknesses | * High profitability and revenue * Reduced labor costs * The second car manufacturer of China | * cost structure * small business units * tax structure * investments in research and development * future debt rating | Opportunities | Threats | * new products and services * growing economy | * government regulations * technological problems |

Peugeot :

Strengths | Weaknesses | * domestic market * high growth rate * monetary assistance provided * skilled workforce | * brand portfolio * cost structure * PSA is in crisis. The market share failing their 77% during the last two years in 2013. * Delay on some of her competitors (General Motors or...

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