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Department of Veterans Affairs SWOT analysis
Axel J. Crespoblanco
McKendree University
Jerry Murrel

The purpose of a SWOT analysis is to point out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a business. By identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, the organization can learn what they are doing right and wrong. Identifying the weaknesses and threats, can be helpful when the organization is trying to develop a way to mitigate or eliminate them.
The SWOT analysis described in this essay is from the Department of Veterans affairs. It describes the strengths of the organization how to exploit the opportunities, and how to mitigate or eliminate the organizations weaknesses and threats.

SWOT Analysis Chart
Strengths * Veteran Staffing * Teamwork Based * Patriotic Spirit * Nationwide Facilities * Educational programs | Weakness * Time Constraints * Excessive Workload * Position Attrition * Economic Budget Constraints * Constant changes in SOPs |
Opportunities * Benefits Packages * Upward Promotion Mobility * Veteran Outreach Satisfaction * Networking globally * Forecasting acquisitions | Threats * Privatization * Non Bipartisan Government * Veteran Mortality Rates * Social media * Security of personal |

1. Veteran staffing: Experience employees represent an asset to the organization and the customers as well; it represents better production and better customer service.
2. Team work base: When members of an organization work as a team, performance tends to be higher, and that is a benefit for the organization and the customer.
3. Patriotic spirit: The Department of Veterans affairs main mission is to ensure that members of our armed forces are taking care of, and mainly to make sure that those with injuries incurred while serving our…...