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Unit 1:

Developing Effective
Communication in Health and Social Care

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BTEC Nationals

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Guided learning hours: 60
Aim and purpose
This unit aims to enable learners to understand effective communication, the barriers that may exist and ways to overcome these. The unit will give learners the opportunity to gain the interpersonal skills needed to embark on a career within the health or social care sectors.

Unit introduction
This is a core unit within the programme, recognising the fact that effective communication is central to all work in the health and social care sectors. Professionals within the sectors require good communication and interpersonal skills to perform their roles effectively, work cooperatively with colleagues and build supportive relationships with people using services. It is, therefore, important for all those embarking on a career in the health or social care sectors to gain knowledge, understanding and the skills associated with communication, so that they are able to develop effective interpersonal skills.
Initially, learners will investigate what is meant by effective communication and interpersonal skills and how these may affect the outcomes for people who use services. Learners will consider the factors that influence communication and interactions, analysing theories which may help to explain why there may be difficulties, possible breakdowns in communication and ways to overcome these. The benefits of effective communication for people who use services will be explored.
The unit will give learners opportunities to reflect on their performance, and that of others, consolidating their learning by demonstrating their skills in a one-to-one and a group interaction in a health and social care context. The knowledge and skills gained from this unit...

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