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Gothic Literature
The word gothic has a lot of different meanings. Gothic literature plays a main role in the gothic category. Gothic literature is broke down into many categories. Gothic literature can be cut down in three parts. The History Of Goths, Connection to The Gothic Nove,l and Elements Of The Gothic Novel. The Goths are one of the Germanic tribes that fought with The Roman Empire. The style of architecture prevalent in western Europe in the 12–16th centuries, characterized by pointed arches, rib vaults, and flying buttresses, together with large windows and elaborate tracery. It could mean “medieval” or “uncouth”. It could refer to people in the rock genre of music. Also people that wear the color black.
It was awhile before they come up with another meaning. They rediscovered the culture as a type of architecture during the middle ages. Then it eventually started describing certain types of novels. That started taking place in the Gothic-styled architecture. Many of the highly regarded Gothic novelists published their writing and much of the novel's form was defined. Writers such as Steven King are gothic literature writers. He does gothic literature in books and in movies. As Ann B. Tracy writes in her novel The Gothic Novel 1790-1830 Plot Summaries and Index to Motifs, the Gothic novel could be seen as a description of a fallen world.

Gothic are a type of archetype that are found In a pattern to their characterization. There is always a protagonist, . Then there is the villain, who is the epitome of evil, either by his own fall from grace, or by some implicit malevolence. The Wanderer, found in many Gothic tales. Protagonist's fall from grace as she succumbs to temptation from a villain. In the end, the protagonist must be saved through a reunion with a loved one. The History Of Goths, Connection to The Gothic Nove,l and Elements Of The Gothic Novel all play a big part in gothic literature. The history tells the background and actual meaning of the gothic literarure. There are different meanings, different cultural background.

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