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Sylabus for Business Ethic

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FACULTY OF ECONOMIC AND BUSINESS UNIVERSITY OF LAMPUNG MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT COURSE COURSE CODE SCHEDULE AND CLASS NAMA DOSEN / EMAIL WEBSITE / POWER POINT/ TEACHING MATERIAL BUSINESS ETHICS EBM 612217 / 3 Credit BILLINGUAL F103 Room / Friday 13:30 – 16:00 AM MUDJI RACHMAT RAMELAN, S.E., MBA. / Dina Safitri, S.E, M.I.B. Business Ethics: Concepts and Cases (7th Edition) 2012 by Manuel G. Velasquez, ISBN‐10: 0205017665, ISBN‐13: 978‐0205017669, Pearson International Edition 2st (even) Semester of 2013/2014

SEMESTER Course Description Business ethics course is thinking or reflection about morality in business and economic activities, where morality is defined as good aspects and / or bad aspects, commendable or reprehensible that the human behavior is to be allowed or not allowed. In a business context, the quest for profit is a reasonable component of each business venture, so often ignored and passed all requirements of morality. The study of business ethics is expected to provide impact on student behavior as actors of business in the future, so it is expected that the course will broaden students thinking that will create an actors of economy and business that can hold on to moral virtues. Course goal On completion of course the students will be able to  Knowing and expressing the concept of business ethics both generally and specifically.  Identifies the elements associated with the business ethics.  Being able to compare between the application of the concept of business ethics along with a variety of examples and problems.  Have an awareness of the ethical dimension of business.  Express moral argument, especially in the field of economics and business, with the right concept of moral argument.  Students can determine the proper moral attitude in the business profession Required Materials: 1. Data storage (computer disks, CDs, or a flash drive) to maintain work record 2. PC or laptop and printer to work on assignments off class. 3. Internet access and e‐mail address 4. E‐learning account at,

Tentative Course Schedule Week Topics PART ONE. BASIC PRINCIPLES 1 Syllabus Introduction Chapter 1. Ethics and Business 2 Chapter 2. Ethical Principles in Business

Assignments/ Activities Class Groups and Presentation Case Establishment, Class Discussion, Presentation Class Discussion, Presentation Class Discussion, Lab Quiz

PART TWO. THE MARKET AND BUSINESS 3 Chapter 3. The Business System: Government, Markets, and International Trade 4 Chapter 4. Ethics in Marketplace

PART THREE. BUSINESS AND ITS EXTERNAL EXCHANGES: ECOLOGY and CONSUMERS 5 Chapter 5. Ethics and the Environment Class Discussion, Presentation 6 Chapter 6. The Ethics of Consumer Production and Marketing Class Discussion, Presentation PART FOUR. ETHICS AND EMPLOYEES 7 Chapter 7. The Ethics of Job Discrimination Class Discussion, Presentation 8 Chapter 8. Ethics and the Employee Lab Mid Term Grading Policy: Score Range Grade Grade Points Status ≥76 A 4 Pass 71 –

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