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Synopsis of the Rikham Pada the Folk Dance of the Nyishi Tribe

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Rikham Pada means giant, handsome, undefeatable and matured man
Rinyam Yami means young and handsome looking boy

Both Rikam Pada and Rinyam Yami were two brothers.

They (Rikham Pada & Rinyam Yami) were attire with beautiful traditional dresses which adding up their handsomeness, the most beautiful girls of the universe were after them. So marriage proposals were impending like shooting star, flowing of pure and milky river water,

Rikham Pada was man of principle, therefore he rejected them. So their imagination of marrying to Rikham Pada was depicting in the form of song and dances.

So, this is the introductory folk song & dance of Nyishi Community which performs during the festival, important functions and other social ceremonies.

2. This dance express that one should not undermined or underestimate any individual as the temperament of an individual lies inside. It is conveying message that we should respect each other.

3. Chirping of birds, howling of animals and beautiful atmosphere of our surroundings inspiring the heart and soul of women folk which induce them to embark on song and dance.

4. In this song the lady put across her happiness over her baby who is in her lap and lady out of joy compare her baby with a beautiful flower ‘ Opu nga Ama nga”. The anxious mother is worried and enquires where her baby is to deliver ask herself if it will be wise and suitable place to give birth in the paddy field. But she is worried and doubtful on the safety of her baby that the insects may harm the baby.

5. The song tries to compare situation like that of a baby elephant crying helplessly at the very bottom of the hill. Therefore, the women folk try to so their sympathy by making the baby and its mother relieved from sorrow and pain associated with such situation.

6. The song too expressing that the reason behind the presentation of this beautiful song and dance is to
Win over the heart and mind of the people for all encompassing betterment on this earth. Further the women folk express that through this song and dance the precious and valuable ornaments to be triumph over from others by their hearts.

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