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The purpose of this project is to replace the traditional style of data store to online data store using Information Communication Technology. This project not involved any of new PC purchasing. It just the systems that will be install and access by current PC. This project must be complete by September this year.


• A complete system that can store smoothly the data into the database. • The system can make searching record. • System that can make editing process to the existing data. • System that have report and statistic.


1. System must meet the requirement of user. 2. Server must have high capacity to store many data. 3. Server must have high spec of devices to make sure data store and request as smooth as store at local PC. 4. PC’s need to upgrade the internet explorer or firefox Mozilla to the latest or stable version to make access smoother.


1. User only can access the limited account of system. 2. Administrator can access without limit and can make any changes by the owner’s permission. 3. Top level management are the owner of the system, so they can make any changes without grant permission for anybody. 4. User only can make the data entry only but for editing only can made by system’s owner or administrator. 5. Administrator will control the user registration and access level.


Top level management and data entry staff.


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