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Exercises – Chapter 8

Please answer the questions below using complete sentences (unless the question specifically asks for a list) and your best grammar and spelling. Retain the question so that both question and answer are uploaded. Your uploaded file should be named: Ch8_Exercises_YourLastName and should be stored in the Chapter 8 dropbox. The completed assignment should be submitted by the due date shown on eLearn.

NOTE: Although these questions come from page 374 in your textbook, I have not included all questions, which results in the re-numbering of some questions, and I have added to some of the questions Therefore, answer from this list of questions, rather than from the book.

Review Questions

Define detail reports, exception reports, and summary reports. Explain the concept of a control field and how it is used to produce a control-break report.

- A detail report produces at least one line of output for every record processed. In an exception report, only those records that satisfy a specific condition are reported.

- A summary report displays only subtotals and totals.

- A control field is a field that controls the output by determining its sequence and defining a control break.

- A control break occurs when the value of a control field changes. It uses one or more control fields and generates some type of special output, such as printed subtotals or totals, at control break points.

Explain the concept of human-computer interaction (HCI). Why is this important? How does it impact the work of the systems analyst?

- It describes the relationship between computers and people who
use them to perform business-related tasks. HCI concepts apply to everything from a PC desktop to the main menu for a global network. HCI includes all the communications and instructions necessary to enter input to the system and to obtain…...