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Data Warehouse Design:
Dimensional Modeling II
Data Technology
Chularat Tanprasert, Ph.D.


Dimensional modeling

Popular, useful, and pragmatic approach
Based on Kimball

Fact table
Dimension tables
Design process in steps

Database Schema Design

Star Schema (With Attributes)

Example Designs

A useful way to learn about data warehouse design principles is by using examples – reuse.
Kimball – Data warehouse lifecycle toolkit
Adamson & Venerable – Data warehouse design solutions
Let’s take a look at inventory, shipments, and financial services.


An inventory system serves as a
“middleman” between the manufacturer and the retailer – value adding process.
There are threee types of inventory model

Inventory snapshot
Delivery status

Inventory Snapshot Model
For specific time periods, inventory levels are measured and recorded.

Delivery Status Model
Create one record for each complete shipment of a product to a warehouse.

Transaction Model
Record every transaction that affects the inventory.


The shipments process is where the product leaves a company and is delivered to a customer.
Typically, accompanying each shipment is a shipment invoice.
Each line item on the shipment invoice corresponds to an SKU.




Financial Services

Typically a large bank.
Services include

Cheque accounts, saving accounts, mortgage loans, investment loans, personal loans, credit cards, etc.

Goal – to market more effectively to households.
Build a household data warehouse to track accounts, account holders, and their household grouping. Financial Services

Five years of monthly data for each account.
For current month must...

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