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System Attacks

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Types of System Attacks
Bryan Francia
Coleman University

This paper is a brief overview of different types of Information Security System attacks.

Without Security measures or system controls, your data could be stolen, your computer hijacked or corrupted, or your network destroyed. There are so many different methods attackers use, attempting to cover down on all of them in a two page paper would be pointless, but will briefly cover some of the more common types of network attacks. Without a security plan, your data is vulnerable to any of the following types of attacks. There are active attacks and there are passive attacks. An active attack means the information is changed with intent to corrupt or destroy the data or network, while a passive attack generally means your information is being monitored. Eavesdropping is when an attacker who has gained access to data paths in your network listens or reads the traffic. It is known as sniffing or snooping. Eavesdroppers have the ability to monitor networks because the majority of network communications occur in an unsecured format and is generally the biggest problem that administrators face in an enterprise. After an attacker has accessed your data, he or she may alter it. This is referred to as Data modification. It is possible for an attacker to modify the data in a packet while in transit without the knowledge of the sender or receiver. This is especially important in business, as you would not want purchase orders containing item numbers, amounts or billing information of customers to be changed. IP Address Spoofing (Identity Spoofing) is when an attacker steals your IP Address. Most networks use the IP address of a computer to identify it as valid. An attacker could then use special programs to construct IP packets that would appear to come from valid addresses within the intranet of...

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