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Patron in Chief
Khalid Amin,
Chancellor and Chairman,
Indus University (IU)
Mohammad Ahmed Amin
VC, Indus University
Dr. Muneer Ahmed Qureshi
PVC, Indus University
Dr. Gobind M. Herani, Dean, Indus University
Organizing Secretary
Dr. Aisha Ishrat Rizvi
Dean, Social Sciences, IU
Joint Secretary
Mr. Usman Ali Warraich
Chairperson, BA, IU
Mr. Javed Iqbal
Coordinator, BA, IU
Ms. Sughandh Kumari,
Faculty, KASBIT

Dr. Dora Marinova
Curtin University of
Technology, Australia
Dr. Xiao Yin Jin
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA
Prof. Danilo Ardia
University of Paduva, Italy
Dr. Ghirmai Kefela
Dr. Junaid Ahmed Zubairi
State University of New York at Fredonia, USA
Dr. Muhammad Khalique
Universiti Malaysia
Sarawak, Malaysia
Dr. Abu Hassan bin Md. Isa
Universiti Malaysia
Sarawak, Malaysia
Dr. Ahmad Shuib
Universiti Malaysia
Sarawak, Malaysia
Dr. J.A Nassir bin Shaari
Universiti Malaysia
Sarawak, Malaysia
Dr. Khairil Annuar Mohd Kamal
Universiti Malaysia
Sarawak, Malaysia
Dr. Hammad Akbar
University of East Anglia Norwich NR47TJ, UK
Dr. George Tovstiga
University of Reading, Greenlands,
Henley, UK
Dr. Nita H. Shah
University of Gujarat, India
Dr. Siddhartha Sarkar
Dinhata College West, Bengal, India
Dr. Falendra K. Sudan
University of Jammu and Kashmir
Dr. Jotirmayee Kar
ICFAI Business School, India
Dr. Mansoor-uz-Zafar Dawood
Dr. Stephen Miti Kapunda
University of Botswana
Dr. Ravinder Rena
Eritrea Institute of
Technology, North East Africa
Dr. P. Malyadri
Government Degree College
Dr. Shafiq ur Rehman
University of Karachi-Pakistan
Dr. Muhammad Rashid Kamal Ansari
FUUAST, Karachi-Pakistan
Dr. Rana Khalid Naeem
University of Karachi-Pakistan
Dr. Muhammad Ayub Khan Yusufzai
University of Karachi-Pakistan
Dr. Arif Kamal
University of Karachi-Pakistan
Dr. Farooq Aziz
FUUAST, Karachi-Pakistan
Dr. Hafiz M. Sani
FUUAST, Karachi-Pakistan
Dr. Hanif Muhammed
(IIHE), Karachi- Pakistan
Dr. Syed Nawab Haider Naqvi
FUUAST, Islamabad-Pakistan
Dr. Ali Akbar Dhakhan
BIZTEK, Karachi-Pakistan
Dr. Mohammad Nawaz Chand
S.A.L University, Khairpur- Pakistan
Dr. Deedar Hussain Shah
University of Sindh-Pakistan
Dr. Fazal Hussain
Pakistan Institute for Development Economics (PIDE)-
Dr. Mohammad Hanif Memon
(IIHE), Karachi-Pakistan
Dr. Hafiz Zia Uddin
Govt. College of commerce &
Economics Karachi, Pakistan
Dr. Asif Mansoor
NUST, Karachi
Khubaib Ahmed Qureshi
Hamdard University
Rukhsana Nawaz
S.A.L. University, Khairpur-
Dr. Tanvir Sultana Junejo
University of Sindh-Pakistan
Allah Wasyo Rajar
University of Sindh-Pakistan
Dr. Pervez Waseem
University of Karachi-
Dr. Gobind M. Herani
Dean, Business Administration & Commerce, Indus University
Dr. Azam Khan Chishti
Dean Iqra University
Dr. Abuzar Wajidi, Dean, Public Administration, Karachi University
DR. Shabibull Hassan Iraqi
Public Administration, Karachi University
Dr. Asim
Public Administration, Karachi University
Dr. Kamran Sidiqui
Dean, Management sciences, Suffa University
Dr. Asandas Manwani
Chairman, ManagementSciences, Isra University, Hyderabad
Dr. Aisha,
Dean, Social Sciences, IU
Dr. Hammadullah
Sindh University
Dr.Baddar Soomro Sindh University
Dr. Niaz Mangrio
Ex-Controller, KASBIT
Dr. Ali Akbar Dhakan, BIZTEK
Dr. Mehboobull Hassan
Dr. Mohammad Amir Yousuf
Chairperson, Indus University
Dr. Muhammed Iqbal Ahmed
Education Department, Gov. of Sindh
Dr. Bilal Alvi
IoBM, Karachi Dr. Ashok Kumar
Teacher, Transcendental Meditation
Dr. Abid Karim
Ms. Seema Ansari
Ms. Reema Ffrooghi
Director, QEC, BIZTEK
Mr. Karamutullah
Associate Dean, KASBIT
Mr. Usman Ali Warraich
Chairperson, BA, Indus University

Indus University is spread over acres of land adjacent to National Stadium Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi. At Indus due consideration has been given to provide a conducive atmosphere supportive of fostering true education compatible with the international academic standards. The purpose built buildings of the campus not only provide the essential safety and security to the faculty and students but are equally friendly for the teaching-learning activities. The campus offers air –conditioned class rooms, state of art computer labs, libraries, research center, seminar rooms and auditorium besides high class cafeterias and recreational facilities of indoor games. The main campus is located adjacent to national stadium Karachi, for its location close to a number of busiest link like Shahrah-e-Faisal, main university road and the Site’s signal free corridor, it is quite conveniently accessible from all the corners of the city.

This conference will provide an opportunity to researchers of national and international universities and research & development (R&D) institutions to share their findings and insight on issues relating to various aspects of sustainable economic growth in management, information technology, environmental changes, social sciences, engineering, energy crises, health sciences, mindfulness science and spirituality for global development with innovative solutions in general and Pakistan’s sustainable development in particular. Young researchers (MS/MPhil/PhD scholars) along with experienced scholars and scientists are invited to present their research findings along with innovative solutions of problems and answers to challenges faced by present ailing economy at national and international level.

Papers for publications should be original unpublished work and has not been submitted for publication elsewhere. The editor does not accept responsibility for damage or loss of papers submitted.
Title page: The title page should contain the following information: (i) title of the article; (ii) complete name(s) of author(s), active e-mail(s) and institutional affiliation(s) respectively; (iii) well- summarized abstract of 200 words for articles publishable in journal. For only conference proceedings abstract may be more 200-100 words (iv) acknowledgement and/or any other special footnote should be given on this page.
Abstract: Abstract should be related to the purpose, introduction, related literature, methodology, hypothesis, analysis, findings, conclusions and recommendations.
Format and Style: Manuscript should be typewritten, on one side of the page only, double spaced one hard copy and a separate file on soft copy with 1.25 margins all sides on A4 size page. All pages should be numbered consequently. The length of the paper should be less than 25 pages (less than eight thousand words). The text as well as footnotes should be written in Times New Roman fonts of 12 point.
Illustrations: Figures, tables, boxes and appendixes should be numbered in Arabic numerals, (e.g., figure 1, figure 2, table 1, table 2a, box 1, box 2 and appendix 1, appendix 2, etc). Avoid colorful figures and graphs. Along with soft copy, a copy of figures, tables and other supporting material should be in separate file.
Data, software and programming methods: Data included in the article should be separately on soft copy and one hard copy along with econometrics computations, mathematical calculations and estimates with the name of software and version too.
Footnote: Footnote should be kept to a minimum and be numbered consecutively numbering of footnotes by Arabic numerals in the bottom of the page
References: The Chicago Style of manual for references and citations should be followed. Reference should be in alphabetically order by author’s last name and then by year. Abbreviation for journal and institution should be avoided.

For example:
Newspaper/ Magazines
Jamil, S. 1989. Nursing a grudge. The Friday time. November, 16-_22, P.12.

Kalisch, A.P and Kalisch. B.J.1992. the image of nursing in novels. The American journal of nursing, 82 (8):1221-1222

Kozier, B. 1998. Concepts and issues: nursing practice. California: Addison-Wesley.

Wbebsite: www. (Accessed on 15, octber, 2012)

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