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System Implementation

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System Implementation
HCS 483
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System choice and implementation is a process that requires much thought, planning, and considerations. There are four steps for selecting and acquiring an information system. The more carefully and detailed the steps are followed, the better the system will be for the organization. Goals need of the new system must be established. The new system must meet the goals and fit the needs of the organization to be functional. Each member of the process plays specific and important roles during the selection, implementation, and maintenance phases of the new system. Stakeholders There are many steps for selecting and acquiring an information system for an organization. An organization will need to know that their current system needs to be replaced. The need for replacement might be because the current system no longer fits the organizations needs or the costs to maintain the current system are too high. From there the steps are planning, selection, implementation, and support of a new health care information system, (Wagner, Lee, & Glaser, 2009, p. 5). “The primary focus of this planning and analysis phase is on the business problem, or the organizations strategy, independent of any technology that can or will be used,” (Wagner, Lee, & Glaser, 2009, p. 8). Now that it is clear there needs to be a new system implemented, the next step is to determine the functional needs and requirements. This step, if done thoroughly, will help a system meet the goals of the organization. The selection phase is when an organization decides if the new system will be designed in-house or if they will purchase from a vendor. Cost-benefit analysis is a crucial step to make sure the system will work alongside the organizations goals. After a system is selected, negotiations are done the third stage starts, which is the implementation phase. The implementation phase includes everything it takes to get the system going. This includes installing and testing the system, training the staff, and going-live and using it. The last and final phase is the support and evaluation phase. This is when the system is in use by staff and it is maintained and supported throughout its use by software updates, fixing glitches, and making changes. The process for selecting and acquiring information systems can be very lengthy but if it is done right the system will be a good fit for the organization.
When implementing a new system, goals need to be established so that the system fits the needs of the organization. Further defining and establishing goals is important when implementing a new system so that it can be functional for the organization. “The committee should state its goals and needs for a new EMR system in clearly defined, specific and measureable terms, (Wagner, Lee, & Glaser, 2009, p. 41). One major goal is to fix the problems the old system by replacing the old system with a new, more functional one. A patient expects prompt and accurate care and a new system should help emphasize that. Another thing that needs to be considered is, which employees will be using the new system, and how we can make it easy to fit their needs. Nurses and doctors are busy people taking care of patients and need a system that will help them keep their pace of care. It needs to “improve staff efficiency and effectiveness,” (Wagner, Lee, & Glaser, 2009, p. 42). The system needs to provide physicians and health care staff with accurate, relevant, and complete information, quickly and remotely, (Wagner, Lee, & Glaser, 2009, p. 42). Providing the best care available is an ongoing goal that is made by many organizations but by having a system that works with the organization will only benefit this goal more. The organization’s stakeholders make many of the decisions when deciding on implementing a new information technology system. During the system acquisition process, a steering committee and project manager will be selected, the objectives of the project will be defined, and employee surveys will be conducted. The project steering committee oversees the whole process of the system acquisition process. Choosing a strong project manager is important because he or she must ensure that the project is run smoothly and in a timely manner. Employee surveys give the steering committee and stakeholders an idea of what is needed from the new software system. According to Lin and Blanton, (1988), “The major cause of failure in information system design can be summarized in a few words: communication gap between system staff and users,” (p.24). It is important to include the staff on their input because they are the ones using it daily. During the system acquisition process, the stake holders decide what kind of system they should get, if it should be an in house project or to hire a vendor, who will be involved in the process, and a vendor’s reputation and product, (Wagner, Lee, & Glaser, 2009, p. 15). Requesting for information (RFI) from vendors is important during this stage because it gives an organization the details it needs to make its decision. The information includes costs, types of systems, and proposals. According to Gibson, Gerger, and Ciotti (1992),“Creating the RFP, evaluating submitted proposals, and finally selecting an information systems vendor can entail a significant investment in time and money long before installation of the system begins,” (p. 52). Stakeholders are the people who make decisions, assign positions and tasks, and overall make the decisions of the new system. By implementing a new system, an organization can reduce errors, stress, and time. It is a lengthy process but if it is all planned out according to an organization’s goals, the system will be a good fit and benefit it. The steps to selecting and acquiring an information system are planning, selection, implementation, and support. Goals make up the guidelines and expectations that the new system should follow. Stakeholders make the decisions, like which goals are most important, a system to choose, and assign a project manager. In the end, implementing a new system is a lot of work, but should benefit an organization.


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