System Improvements

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System Improvements
Gregory Williams

INF 630

Dr. Steven Pierce

2 August 2013

Given our understanding of the current system’s scope, problems, and opportunities, we can now establish system improvement objectives (Whitten & Bentley, 2007). The purpose of this task is to establish the criteria against which any improvements to the system will be measured and to identify any constraints that may limit flexibility in achieving those improvements. The criteria for success should be measured in terms of objectives. Objectives represent the first attempt to establish expectations for any new system. In addition to identifying objectives, any known constraints must also be identified. Constraints place limitations or delimitations on achieving objectives. Deadlines, budgets, and required technologies are examples of constraints (Whitten & Bentley, 2007).
The history of information systems coincides with the history of computer which emerged in the late twentieth century. It is an academic/professional discipline bridging the business field and the well-defined computer science field (Whitten & Bentley, 2007). This process contains a theoretical foundation with more common legacy to include people, procedures, data, software, and hardware that is used to gather and analyze digital information.
The nature of the information system that I have selected is Internal and External System Users. The reason why I chose both of these is because I have worked on both sides. Internal System Users are employees of the businesses for which most information systems are built. These users make up the largest percentage of information system users in most businesses. Internal System Users are: Clerical and service, technical and professional staff and supervisors, middle managers, and executive managers. Clerical and service workers perform most of…...