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System in Steady State

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Surname : Masondo
First Names : Mandla William
Nationality : South African
I D Number : 7606105327081
Date of Birth : 10 June 1976
Physical Address : House no.2632,Phelandaba Street, Bhekuzulu T/Ship
Postal Adress :P.O. Box 9839,Vryheid 3100
Contact Number : 079 7461189 or 0358703152
Civil Status : Single
Gender : Male
Home Language : Zulu-Speak, Read & Write
Others : English, Afrikaans and Xhosa
Hobbies : Reading, Soccer and Socializing
Driver’s Licence : Code 8
Health : Good
Criminal Offence : None
Email Address : or
Last School Attende : Ntongande High School
Certificate \ Achievement : Matriculation Certificate
Year Finished : 1996
Subjects passed : English : IsiZulu : Biology : Mathematics and : Physical Science
Institution : Coastal College
Qualification obtaine : National Diploma
Course & Duration : Electrical Engineering (Light Current)-3 Years
Year Obtained : 2004
Institution : Coastal College
Qualification obtained : Computer Certificate
Course & Duration : Computer-1 Year
Year Obtained : 2003
Institution : Tshwane University of Technology
Qualification obtained : Electro Medical Certificate
Course & Duration : Electro Medical -2 Weeks
Year Finished : 2006
Institution : University of South Africa
Qualification obtained : Certificate in Project Management
Course & Duration : Project Management -6 Months
Year Finished : 2008
Institution : Department of Higher Education-Olifantsfontein Indlela
Qualification obtained : Radiotrician Certificate (Communication)
Modules completed : Mechanical & Soldering, Practical electronics, Use of instruments and Two-way radio communication
Course & Duration : Radiotrician -3 Years
Year Finished : 2012

Institution :Siemens AD Training(Pine Town)
Qualification obtained :Certificate for Introduction to Programmable controllers(PLC)
Course duration :3Days
Year Finished :2013
Content :PLC Control Principles ,Basic PLC instructions: Wiring Instructions, Input& Output, Open &Closed contacts, Series connection and function ,OR functions, Timers, Counter ,Internal Relays and Functions, Basic Ladder Diagram design and Sequential Interlock Programming Instituion :University of North West(PBS)
Qualification Obtained :Advanced Project Management Certificate(NQF6)
Course duration :6 Months(6 March 2014 to 30 September 2014)
Content :PMBOK, Nine areas of Project Management, Project life, Project Auditing, etc

Employer :Transnet(TFR)
Position Held : Engineering Technician (Telecomms)
Date started : 01 October 2014 till present
Duties :I am responsible for Radio and High Sites Maintenance, Voice logging, Attending Faults logged by CTC via Call Center(NOC), Testing of optic fibre and Optic fibre Maintenance Repairing of two-way radio’s, repeaters, radio links. Responsible for RPM,CPM etc, Supervision of stuff under my management, writing of job card and sending reports to the Technical Manager concerning any defects or any work related matter.

Employer : SAPS Radio Technical Unit (Ulundi)
Position : Senior Industrial Technician
Date started : 01 November 2007- 30 September 2014
Reason for leaving :Career Advancement


Mandla serves as a Radio Technician at Ulundi SAPS Radio Technical Unit and responsible for the whole Zululand District duties. In this role I am responsible for:

* High sites maintenance * Installation, repairs ,troubleshooting and programming of two-way radios, operation of electronic equipment and systems * Use of test equipment (Oscilloscope, wattmeter, multimeter and coms monitor) * Interpretation of electronic circuit diagrams * Responsible for administration activities and writing job cards * Responsible for training and mentoring students and new staff (technicians)


1.Employer : Telkom Position : Technician Reason for Leaving : End of contract Duration : 2 Years & 2 months ((2002-01-01 to 2004-03-30) DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES

* Responsible for installation, repair and maintenance of public phones ,single lines ,Satellite communication and PABX systems

2.Employer : Department of Education (Nkonjane High School) Position Held : Educator Duration : 1 Year & 4 Months (2004-04-01 to 2005-08-1) Reason for leaving : End of contract


* Responsible for educating Maths and Physical Science in Grade 11 & 12 * Supervision and monitoring of learners * Responsible for administration activities and planning of lessons

3.Employer : Mtashana FET College Position Held : Lecturer Duration : 5 Months (2005-09-01 to 2006-01-31) Reason for Leaving : End of contract


* Educator for Engineering Science and Maths for N2 & N3 * Responsible for students supervision and monitoring

4.Employer : Department of Health Position Held : Industrial Technician Duration : 1 Year (2006-02-01 to 2007-01-31 Reason for Leaving : Career advancement


* Responsible for maintenance, repairing, accepting and programming of medical equipment

5.Employer : Spoornet
Position Held : Train Drive Assistant Duration : 10 Months (2007-02-01 TO 2007-11-30) Reason for Leaving : Career advancement


* Assisting Train Driver with train starting the train * Responsible for train journal and checking of signals


1.Name : Mr. X. L. Gantana Position : Colonel Company : SAPS Radio Technical Unit Contact Numbers : 031 2771077 & 0824176156

2.Name : Mr S.M. Mpanza Position : Captain Company : SAPS Radio Technical Unit Contact Number : 035)870 3152 & 079 8899737

3.Name : Mr. D. Singh Position : Supervisor Company : Department of Health Contact Number : 031 4605338 3.Name :Mr GG Goussard Position : Technical Manager Company : Transnet Freight Rail(Telecoms) Contact Number : 0832755300/(023)4492047/90

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