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Environmental Management Information System

Environmental Management System

Goals and Progress q Construction of an Environmental

Goals and Progress q To promote continuous
Environmental Management Information System

Environmental Management System of the Ricoh Group
The Ricoh Group is a global entity that operates on an international scale. It respects the ISO 14001 environmental management system, which has received worldwide recognition, and is constructing an environmental management system that complies with this system. While horizontally expanding its know-how throughout the 21 production bases that have already obtained certification, the Ricoh Group is also planning to obtain ISO 14001 certification at its business bases.

Plans and Achievements in Establishing an Environmental Management System for the Ricoh Group FY1994 FY1995 FY1996 FY1998~ IV III II Step I
Pilot Approval
Management meeting Leading model business site Environmental management system construction/certification

Management Information System A system is being constructed, and is scheduled for completion by the end of fiscal 2000, to collect and provide information on environmental accounting, environmental improvement examples, laws and regulations, environment labels, and customers. q Construction of an Environmental Impact Information System An environmental impact information system for all copiers, facsimiles, and laser printers is to be constructed by the end of fiscal 2000 and for other product lines by the end of fiscal 2001. We are also developing diverse types of information systems. We plan to integrate fiscal 1999 environmental accounting data into our accounting system. The environmental impact information system is in partial operation with the specifications for its data and system near completion.

Environmental Burden Information System

Social Communication Information Database

Environmental Accounting Information System

environmental improvement, plans call for acquiring ISO 14001 certification for domestic and overseas business bases in addition to production bases by September 2000 for Ricoh and by the end of fiscal 2001 for the Ricoh Group. The system is being established at Ricoh’s 11 nonproduction sites. Training of in-house environmental auditors is completed.

Development 2 Development 1
Whole world All production bases Environmental management system construction Development bases Sales, service, and distribution bases Environmental management system construction

Conforming to ISO 14000 series standards

June 1, 1995

December 25, 1995 Ricoh Gotemba Plant first to acquire ISO 14001 certification

23 main production bases around the world Construction of ISO 14001compliant system completed

Construction of ISO 14001compliant system at all bases around the world in progress

Database of Environmental Improvement Cases ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Construction Bases Database on Information on Laws and Regulations as well as Environment Labels
The construction of an ISO14001-compliant system has been completed at all 23 of our main production bases around the world. s Sindo Ricoh Co., Ltd. s Shanghai Ricoh Facsimile Co., Ltd. Of these bases, 21 have acquired ISO 14001 certification (as of April 1, 1999). s Ricoh Atsugi Plant s Ricoh Numazu Plant s Ricoh Ikeda Plant s Ricoh Hadano Plant s Ricoh Fukui Plant s Ricoh Gotemba Plant s Ricoh Yashiro Plant s Ricoh Optical Industries Co., Ltd. sTohoku Ricoh Co., Ltd. s Ricoh Unitechno Co., Ltd. s Ricoh Keiki Co., Ltd. sHasama Ricoh Co., Ltd. s Ricoh Microelectronics Co., Ltd. s Ricoh Elemex Corporation Okasaki s Ricoh Elemex Corporation Ena s Part Component System Co., Ltd.

Acquisition of First ISO/DIS 14001 Certification from a Japanese Certification Organization
Recognizing the importance of environmental conservation activities even in its global activities, the Ricoh Group started working towards acquiring ISO 14001 certification from an early stage. The Ricoh Gotemba Plant, one of our core production sites for OA (office automation) equipment, acquired ISO/DIS 14001 in December 1995, thus becoming the first Ricoh base to receive certification from a Japanese certification organization.

Winner of BSI QA Environmental Management Award
Since it acquired ISO 14001 certification in July 1996, Ricoh UK Products Ltd. has worked to enhance the level of its environmental management system. Its efforts were recognized with the awarding of the BSI QA Environmental Management Prize in June 1997. Ricoh UK Products Ltd.’s advanced computer-based partner corporate management and environmental management database was recognized as the “best practice” in the United Kingdom.

sRicoh Industrie France S.A. s Ricoh UK Products Ltd.

Environmental Management Information System
By building databases on examples of environmental improvement, customer opinions, and information on our community, beginning with the construction of the environmental impact information system for Ricoh’s overall activities, the Ricoh Group will improve the effectiveness of its environmental impact reduction activities. environment and to ensure the efficient use of management resources for environmental conservation. Based on the Eco Balance system, the Environmental Accounting Information System is being constructed to enable us to understand the environmental effects of all activities of the Ricoh Group. s System authentication

Environmental Impact Information System
To efficiently reduce environmental impact and realize a society that recirculates resources, we have introduced an Eco Balance system and are constructing a system to assess environmental impact throughout the entire product life cycle, from materials procurement and parts and products manufacturing to transportation, use, and recycling.

Database of Environmental Improvement Cases
Various unique environmental conservation activities are being implemented at the business bases of the Ricoh Group. In order to share this know-how and achievements within the Group, we are building a database on the improvements that have been made. We shall use this database to make further achievements and publicize the activities of the Ricoh Group in the future.

s Ricoh Asia Industry (Shenzhen) Ltd. s Taiwan Ricoh Co., Ltd.


s Ricoh Electronics, Inc.

s System adoption completed Explaining environmental policies to a partner

Construction of an Environmental Management System
The Ricoh Group will establish a system for environmental conservation and promote continuous environmental improvement activities. In such activities, the environmental management system serves as the basis of corporate activities. The environmental management system will be updated continually in the PDCA (Plan-DoCheck-Act) cycle.
Environmental Management System of the Ricoh Group
General principles on the environment, Environmental action plan, Environment policies and measures

Environmental Auditing
Environmental auditing is an important part of promoting the environmental improvement activities of the whole Ricoh Group. The Ricoh Group implements environmental auditing independently by business site and ensures the achievement of the environmental action plan Groupwide. The internal environmental auditing implemented independently by each business site is carried out by an in-house environmental auditor. The results are then reported to the top management at each business site, improving the environment and environmental management system. To achieve the environmental improvement of the whole Ricoh Group, a larger PDCA cycle for the environmental management system is P implemented. P P

Ricoh’s Environmental Conservation Activities Win Worldwide Acclaim
In a survey conducted by a German environmental survey specialist organization, Ökom GmbH, Ricoh was evaluated as B- on the whole, ranking it number one of the 11 companies surveyed in the electric and electronics industry. Ökom is an organization that ranks and assesses companies that are ecologically outstanding. In that survey, the companies were assessed in the three areas of environmental management system, eco-friendly products and services, and environmental performance.

Social Communication Information Database
We receive numerous inquiries on Ricoh’s environmental conservation activities from our customers and various organizations inside and outside Japan. In order to respond promptly to such inquiries, we are currently building a database. The opinions of our customers are also incorporated in our business management.

Database of Information of Laws and Regulations as well as Environment Labels
This database allows Group companies to share requirements and information on the latest revisions of domestic and overseas environmental laws and regulations as well as environmental label standards. The Ricoh Group will make use of this database for future product development and running business sites in the future.

Review of the company’s environmental management system

Environmental Accounting Information System
This is a system designed to clarify costs as well as the effects our activities have on the


Environmental management system of the whole group
Achievements of environmental action plan


Environmental Management System at Business Sites

Company regulations, environment training and promotion of awareness, environmental technologies, environmental IT/S (information management)



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