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Systems Thinking and Change Management Evaluation

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Systems Thinking and Change Management Evaluation
Systems thinking is a process that incorporates the crucial elements of strategic planning, management and leadership development, team building, and other principles of organizational change in the effort to create positive change within an organization. The first component of this discussion evaluates systems thinking and the application and limitations of systems logic as essential considerations in managerial decision making.
Systems thinking is also a technique that manages a process as a whole while understanding that individual pieces of the process can cause an impact. Systems thinking applies a linkage strategy that analyzes interactions among elements comprising a system. It takes into account that large systems can be negatively affected by small changes in another geographically or time separated areas. This view of process management is ideal for any organization that has more than a very few processes and personnel. Communication is the method within systems thinking that defeats negative affects.
Application and Limitations
A systems approach can be seen in the following real world-example. Their outstanding success in systems thinking makes Wal-Mart’s an excellent comparison system for corroborating systems thinking examples for this IT project’s discussion. Wal-Mart has taken forecasting to the highest level by using a systems thinking electronic database (Aquilano, Chase, and Jacobs, p. 510, 2006). The company relies on individual stores, components of the greater Wal-Mart, to report each sale as it happens. Reporting millions of sales each day would be impossible without today’s technology. Wal-Mart central uses bar coding information, as a product is sold, to immediately inform each centralized supply point when products are reach restock levels. When studying this example from a systems thinking...

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