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Community Nursing Task 1
Western Governors University

Community Nursing Task 1
Community in Boro Park, Brooklyn New York
Borough Park, in southwest Brooklyn, is about 200 blocks in area and has a population of more than 300,000 The neighborhood is home to one of the largest orthodox and Hasidic.

BOROUGH PARK BROOKLYN NYC ("Borough park," 2006)

The neighborhood has undergone many transformations in recent decades. It was a neighborhood of Italians, Irish, and modern orthodox. It is now comprised of mostly Hasidic Jewish families. Since these families tend to have several children, they offer require larger homes. This has resulted in fueled construction and renovation projects for larger bedrooms and kitchens. In 1992, Boro Park was established as a special zoning district where residents could build on 65% of their lot. ("City-data," 2011)
Borough Park it is an economically diverse area with rich, working class and poor people living side by side and attending the same synagogues and schools.
Communication: Most of the Jewish population in Borough speaks Yiddish. Some people can speak both Yiddish and Hebrew. Also, you can hear Spanish, Chinese, and Italian. There are different ways of communication in borough Park. People using their neighborhood newspapers Hammodia for news and communication. Image, a monthly magazine produced and distributed by Syrian community members. It provides updated information about daily activities and programs and has many advertisements of community doctors, real estate agents and tutors.
Health and Social Services:
The Maimonides Infants and Children’s Hospital of Brooklyn, is fully accredited as a “children’s Hospital within a hospital,” it is just one of only three such facilities in New York City. Here, at the Stella and joseph Payson birthing center, Maimonides handles more births than any other hospital in New York State. The 711-bed Maimonides Medical Center, witch abuts Borough Park, is said to deliver more babies than any other Hospital in New York State.
The area has many more different kinds and types of services all around, such as pharmacy, WIC clinics, private doctors offices, Specialty clinics, etc.
In the community of borough park, no disasters where found to be possible, well, ofcour for major fires and heavy winters. For this problem Borough Park has a few location for fire department, and a big sanitation system that helps with heavy snows. The 66th prescient serves the community of Borough Park ensuring the safety of its residents.
Fire departments are found throughout Brooklyn. Recently in a move to boost fire safety in Borough Park, NY rescue Response Team offered to distribute and install smoke alarms for free to all homes in Brooklyn urban neighborhood. ("City-data," 2011)

The borough park neighborhood area is clean. Some people can say this area is depressing and gray because of religious Jewish people are not allowed to decorate their houses with pictures and fancy furniture.
On Shabbat (Saturday) the borough park community is very quiet, but you can see many religious men and kids going to synagogue to pray. They are not allowed to drive, use elevators, cook and listen to music on Sabbath.


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