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1.0 Environmental and Social Issues in Oil and Gas Industry

2.1 Safety

Safety is one of the biggest concerns in every manufacturing industry, especially in petroleum industry. Petroleum industry easily identified as very dangerous industry especially those working at a oil rig. Petroleum companies are drilling oil in the mid desert, shores, and even at Artic seas. The condition of the sea bed is a huge concern on safety as well as the ice on the Artic region which can melt at any time causing death and injuries to thousands of workers. Its dangerous level is best represented by the wages in Petroleum Industrial which is soaring high tremendously. High wages paid to compensate the dangerous activities the workers involved in this Oil and Gas industry.

Besides that, human errors such as carelessness or recklessness, delays in equipment maintenance or repair, failure to give proper training, failure to properly communicate, and incompetent safety procedures are also main reason of safety concerns in petroleum sector. Meanwhile, the nature of industry itself might cause the accidents involving explosions, mishaps while raising pipeline, oil rig, salt dome accidents, and contamination in storage and derrick safety violations. The safety in oil and gas industry is growing but at the same time increases in oil and gas activity correlate with an increase in the rate of fatal occupational injuries, particularly when inexperienced workers are not sufficiently trained in safety and precautionary measures. The most common types of injuries are burns, brain injury, spinal injury and fractures.

Petronas, who have oil projects all over the world also facing the safety concerns in their daily operations. According to 2011 Petronas Sustainability Report Fatal Accidents Rate is at 2.86. The report also mentions that there six contractor fatalities, three single...

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