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Each level of government entity had a distinct experience and will account for various versions of events that evolved during the Vietnam War. Each level had a distinct role with set missions: strategic, tactical, and logistician. I consider myself a tactical planner in my professional civilian career. As an outpatient clinic nurse workload changes on a day-to-day basis and plan my day accordingly. As an obstetrics nurse in a community clinic, my goal is for my clients outcome of a healthy pregnancy and the delivery of a healthy infant. In order to accomplish this I must ensure short term goals are met. Such goals include regular prenatal visits, adequate nutrition, time sensitive tests are conducted, patient education, and screening for potential complications. Many of our patients have social issues that take precedence over anything else. These issue may be transient, however, they must be addressed in order to proceed with other goals. In order to be successful in my position, many other people must be involved in the process. The people involved include the doctor, medical assistants, lab techs, and receptionists. Since we are a community clinic, I often rely on our support hospital for additional resources or help with unusual cases. Our patient deliver at our support hospital therefore, I must ensure they have the most up to date information on each pregnant patient so they may provide the best care possible. All of those listed must work and communicate efficiently and strategically in order to ensure a happy and safe outcome for both mom and baby. As a mother, student, and fulltime employee I must adhere to a strict schedule and set short-term goal each week. My schedule is made of layers. Each layer represents work, home, school. I must strategically plug schoolwork during the week so I may meet deadlines, otherwise I would increase my chances of earning a low score or perhaps fail. I must have my family on board to be successful therefore clear communication is important. A military lesson that echoes from this course is cooperation and communication. The United States attempted to cooperate with and support the South Vietnam government (Moss, 2010). Lack of honest communication on both parts caused ineffective completion of the mission. The United States and South Vietnam were following different agendas, which was a recipe for disaster. In the home front, there was confusion, misinformation, and anger. All of the above was counterproductive to the mission. Cooperation and effective communication is essential to accomplishing my mission both professionally and personally. Having a good plan that everyone understands and is on board with is essential to succeed. Knowing your role and understanding the role of others on your team will provide for increased commitment to the mission.

Moss, G. D. (2010). Vietnam: An American ordeal. Upper Saddle Ridge, NJ: Pearson Education Inc.

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