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TUG OF WAR RULES AND REGULATIONS EVENT OVERVIEW In this trial of strength, two teams of up to eight men or women face each other and pull on opposite ends of a rope. The winner is the side that pulls the other team 13 ft. (4m) so that a central mark on the rope crosses a marked line. Once a team has pulled, no substitutes are permitted. Each team may have a coach to direct their pulling. PULLING TOGETHER Before pulling commences, the choice of ends shall be decided by the toss of a coin. The pull will have a three-minute time limit. If there is no winner at the end of three minutes, the judge will decide who the winner is by how far the tapes on the rope are on either side. The judge gives three commands: "Pick up the rope"; "Take the strain", and after gesturing clearly that he is about to give the final order: "PULL!" The teams the tug on the rope with all there might, and throw their weight backward as far as they can. Deliberately sitting on the ground, or failure to return immediately to the pulling position results in a caution. Two cautions are given prior to disqualification; however, a team can be disqualified without caution for any offense. WINNING A PULL A pull is won when one of the white side markings on the rope is pulled beyond the center ground markings, which is four meters. APPROPRIATE ATTIRE You may wear shorts or long pants, either will be permitted. All competitors must weigh-in. Boots may be carried for inspection. Competitor's boots must not be built up in any way. The sole, heel and side of the heel must be perfectly flush. Metal toecaps and toe plates are barred, but metal heel tips are permitted as long as they are flush on the side and bottom. Spikes and protruding nails from the soles of heel of the boots are not permitted....

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