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Taking Our Destiny in Our Own Hands

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Destiny or Fate, predetermined course of events considered to be beyond human control. There are philosophic and religious views that human destiny is predetermined and cannot be changed, views that human beings have some control over their destinies or the belief that destiny is determined by a combination of human intelligence and divine will.
Fatalism is a concept that advocates that destiny cannot be changed. It is doctrine that all events occur according to a fixed and inevitable destiny that individual will neither controls nor affects. A fated event takes place not according to a natural law but in accordance with some mysterious decree issued by some mysterious power, perhaps ages before.
Free Will, on the other hand, is the power or ability of the human mind to choose a course of action or make a decision without being subject to restraints imposed by antecedent causes, by necessity, or by divine predetermination.
According to Maurice Blondel, truth cannot be known by intellect alone, suggesting that it can be attained only through full, active self-synthesis in accordance with divine will.
Haven given a brief introduction and different views to the word destiny, can one say that African destiny can be taken in our own hands and thus changed and if so, how can this be attained?
Africa to the rest of the world is viewed as a sick and starving man of the global village, where the other villagers rather than share their food and medicine with him ( so that he can heal and join in the communal activity of gathering food for all), mock him instead and accuse him of laziness, corruption and self-pity. What they fail to acknowledge however is that Africa is where she is today as a result of the exploitation she experienced while under the rule of her colonial masters. The food that they had eaten from Africa’s hut yesterday, nobody remembers today; the...

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