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3197 Hope St Hapeville, GA 30354 (762) 448-1702 | Rodney T. May | Objective | To seek out an entry level position within your company, that would provide job stability and allow growth within the company | Experience | June 2009- July 2014 | GEICO, Ins | Macon, GA | Emergency Road Service Dispatcher/Customer Service Rep * File emergency road service claims for policyholders * Provide “perfect 10” service to all policyholders * Out of approximately 500 associates, I was ranked in the top 25%, maintaining a 4.35 rating out of 5 throughout the tenure with the company * File initial accident reports * Due to my tenure and knowledge, I was often taken off the phone to assist with floor support and training of new associates * Take a maximum of 80 calls per day * Pay non contracted service providers with company credit card | | Aug. 2007- May 2009 Sept 2014-Dec 2014 | DHL(Horizon Staffing Agency) | Forest Park, GA | Mail sorter/Dock clerk * Pre-sorted and sorted incoming mail to be shipped out * Received inventory brought in by trucks * Entered mail into the system to be tracked * Due to my work ethics, I was given a raise under the temp agency, and also promoted to a different position | | July 2006- May 2009 | Hamilton Telecommunications | Albany, GA | Communications Assistant Relay calls for the deaf, hard of hearing and/or speech impaired Maintain a 95% accuracy on all callsAfter 1 year of working, I was promoted to team leader. | | August 2003-May 2006 | McDonalds | Milledgeville, GA | Cashier/Crew TrainerTook orders promptly and courteously from customersTrained new staff on the proceduresOpened and closed storex | Education | August 2006-August 2009 | Albany State University | Albany, GA | BS OF Nursing * --Still pursuing | References | References are available on request. |

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