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Recruitment Guide for Store Associates

Position: Store Associate
Reports to: Shift Leaders, Department Managers, Assistance Store Manager, Store Manager, and Regional Manager
Qualifications: Knowledge of Customer Service Principles, ability to perform light lifting and object manipulation, ability to relate to others, excellent communication and speaking skills.
Relevant labor market: Washington / Oregon
Timeline: Unspecified: Continuously interview with qualified candidates
Activities to undertake to source well-qualified candidates:
Advertise inside of store at Kiosk
Post job opening on company website
Make positions available at state job services
Request employee referrals
Post job on career website / use a staffing agency
Radio advertisement

Staff members involved:
HR Recruiting Manager
Regional Manager
Store Manager
Department Managers

Budget: $2,500-6,500

Open versus Targeted Recruitment
Open recruitment approach, organizations cast a wide net to identify potential applicants for specific job openings Very little effort is made in segmenting the market into applicants with the most desirable KSAO’. Targeted recruitment approach is one whereby the organization identifies segments in the labor market where qualified candidates are likely to be. (Heneman & Judge, p. 214 2009). Targeted recruiting isn’t a reasonable method for Tanglewood because the qualifications aren’t specific enough to only source in certain groups. However open recruiting is a perfect method for sales associates as these position are usually filled with a higher level of diversity.
The targets for Tanglewood recruitment should be directly matched with candidates with similar knowledge and experience. Considering the KSAO’s of Tanglewood employees applicants should have KSAO’s closely matching. Long term employees are usually people…...