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Tanglewood Case 8: Retention Management

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Analyze the information from both the qualitative surveys and narrative reports, and from this information, develop an overall plan for improving retention outcomes for Tanglewood.
1. Review the information from the regional data and exit interviews, focusing on the major patterns that are associated with store-level turnover. What appear to be the most significant problems for Tanglewood based on this information?
2. Review the information contained in the description of the situation, individual data, and the exit interviews, focusing on the types of people who seem to be leaving as well as the costs and benefits of voluntary turnover described in your textbook. Do you think the evidence suggests that Tanglewood has primarily functional or dysfunctional turnover? What evidence led you to that conclusion?
a. Based on the information provided, I would suggest that Tanglewood has a dysfunctional turnover.
3. Compare the suggestions for developing exit interviews from your textbook to the methods used by Tanglewood. What specific concerns do you have about the quality of the data from exit interviews in their current form? What advice would you give Tanglewood to improve the quality of data they are receiving?
4. Evaluate the job satisfaction survey. Do you believe that this survey is comprehensive? Using the information in your textbook, consider additional information Tanglewood might want to add to this survey to better understand turnover.
5. Based on these data, what interventions could Tanglewood, as a whole, initiate to improve their retention figures? Pay specific attention to the major sources of turnover identified in the data, as well as the factors listed in your textbook that are related to turnover but that might not currently be measured by Tanglewood. Your suggestions should be in the form of a memo from staffing services to the corporate...

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