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Target Market Baby Boomer or Muppies Marketing Essay

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Target Market Baby Boomer Or Muppies Marketing Essay
As a parent, they are worry about many things which they give to their child. Such as, what should they feed, which school should they send him/her to, or what kind of toys able to help in educating them, give them extra knowledge. They might also worry about the toys which they bought are suitable for their children. If the child is newborn between age 0 to 2, parents must make sure the toys are safe enough, and it should be large enough to avoid choking hazards. Therefore, they are willing to buy good quality toys which are really safe to their children. For example: the truck toys which the color will not fade easily as the child might accidently swallow the colors.
In the exchange process, many benefits obtained by consumers that having a good services with a tangible and intangible attributes. Products in marketing mix are separate into two types. That is internal considerations and external considerations. Internal considerations are when we are producing the product, we need to know about what are the costs of developing, producing, distributing, and selling. Firstly, we must have a plan to avoid wasting money. External considerations are after produced the product, producer need to think what of the best product serves consumption patterns for the target segment. Is the packaging can attract consumers; how about the transportation, usage, and disposal of the product. The consumers will like to compare the products to make sure that they are worth to be bought.
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The product that we choose is Toy-Blocks because between 0 to 2 years old, children enjoy playing blocks. This is...

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