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Target Security Breach

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Name: Sampson Amoako Mensah Course: CSC-781 Instructor: Dr. Yen-Hung (Frank) Hu Topic: Target Security Breach Case Study

Abstract This paper identifies the issues that cause the Target’s security breach, its also discusses the events that lead to the breach, identifies potential causes of this events, who was affected and how consumers reacted, the extent of the breach, and provide ways to address this events in addition to addressing risk management and data recovery for future occurrence. An Overview of the Breach In the days prior to Thanksgiving 2013, a malware was installed, on Target’s security and payment system, designed to steal credit cards that comes across the system. This malware targeted all the 1,797 stores own by target in the United States. The malware was coded, to pick up credit cards that were swiped at the register and stored on a server controlled by the hackers. Federal enforcement officials contacted Target on December 12, to alert them of the breach, target responded in three days to confirm the breach, Target reported about 40 million credit cards were stolen, about 70 million of personal records were also stolen. Events Leading to Breach Businessweek reports that hackers used the credentials of an HVAC vendor to get into Targets network, and spent several weeks installing the malware. hackers then sent the malware to the 1,797 stores owned by Target and got them installed on cashier stations, the malicious codes, will then send credit/debit card information to servers controlled by the hackers before they are finally transmitted to Moscow. Target system security system detected the breach on Dec 2, but no action was taken, to mitigate the breach, until federal investigators brought it to the company’s attention, upon which Target confirmed and eradicated the Malware on Dec 12....

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