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Target Supply Chain

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Regional Distribution Centers receive shipments of store merchandise from suppliers and ship products directly to Target stores nationwide. Today, Target operates 26 Distribution Centers in 21 states. A new Regional Distribution Center in Newton, NC will open in June 2009..

Huntsville, AL
Tifton, GA

Wilton, NY

Little Rock, AR
DeKalb, IL
West Jefferson, OH

Phoenix, AZ
Indianapolis, IN
Albany, OR

Bakersfield, CA
Cedar Falls, IA
Chambersburg, PA

Fontana, CA
Topeka, KS
Lugoff, SC

Rialto, CA
Kalamazoo, MI
Midlothian, TX

Woodland, CA
Fridley, MN
Tyler, TX

Pueblo, CO

Newton, NC (6/2009)

Stuarts Draft, VA

Midway, GA

Amsterdam, NY

Oconomowoc, WI

Target Import Warehouses

Import Warehouses receive shipments directly from overseas manufacturers and suppliers. Merchandise is then sent from the Import Warehouses to the Regional Distribution Centers. Target currently operates four Import Warehouses.

Rialto, CA

Savannah, GA

Lacey, WA

Suffolk, VA Fulfillment Centers

Target Fulfillment Centers handle fill orders from, making it the only part of the Distribution network that ships products directly to guests. Today, Target operates one fulfillment center in Woodbury, MN with some support from Savannah, GA and other third-party vendors. In 2009, Target will open two new owned and operated Fulfillment Centers in California and Arizona.

Woodbury, MN
Ontario, CA
Tucson, AZ

Target Food Distribution Centers

Target is expanding its distribution network to include perishable food. This network gives Target more control over the quality of perishable food we offer our guests. We partnered with SuperValu to convert two of their facilities to our systems and build the first Target owned and third-party-operated perishable food distribution center…...

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