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Introduction to Business (BUS 101)
Fall 2013

Marketing Major

Before doing this assignment I did not think about my major subject in my educational career. I had no idea about finance, marketing, management, accounting etc. as making major subject. When I am trying to know about these, the marketing major initially appealed to me because marketing offers a wide range of professions to candidates aspiring to be business leaders of tomorrow and is considered one of the most exciting and glamorous professions in the business field. Marketing is the process by which companies create value for customer and build strong customer relationships in order to capture value from customer in return [1]. The marketing major has skill like logical approach, creativity, zeal to sell, willingness to take risks, outgoing personality, communication skills, reasoning skills, problem solving skills, make and implement decisions etc. and these skills are more powerful than the other major subject if anyone want to do business or make an interesting career. The marketing field is booming with nearly a fifth of all Bangladeshis now employed in marketing related positions. Marketing salaries may vary by company position and region and salary figures change constantly [2]. In general, entry-label marketing salaries usually are only slightly below those for engineering and chemistry but equal or exceed starting salaries in economics, finance, accounting, general business and the liberal arts[3]. Moreover, if one succeed in an entry-level marketing position, it’s like that he will be promoted quickly to higher levels of responsibility and salary [4]. A marketing major student can work as a marketing manager/ head, brand manager, market research analyst and new product manager, business development, social media, events management, advertising etc. I…...

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