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ACA1 Task 2
Pamela Kelly
Western Governors University

ACA1 Task 2
Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service (2016 February) day trading losse
Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service (2015 January) Alimony payments
Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, (January 2015 )
Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, (2015 January) 1040 instructions, Retrieved from
Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Service. (2015 January) Instruction for schedule A (form 1040). Retrieved from real estate taxes
Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service (2015 January) Moving expense,
Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service (2015 January) Retirement plans for small business retirement contributions
Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service (2015 January)
Herman, T. (2008, September 03). Think you're a trader? IRS may disagree. Retrieved March 03, 2015, from Day trading losses
Investopdia staff (blog) (
Johnson, M. (2011, August 3). Retrieved March 12, 2016, from Municipal Bonds

ACA1 Task 2

Tax Filing Status:
The IRS tax law states if a couple is married at the end of the tax filing year they are eligible to file as married even if...

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