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Utah Opera & Symphony

JFT2 Organizational Management ~ Task 1 Western Governors University
January 22, 2012

In order to support the merger, Bill Bailey needs to address his subordinates with the merger in a supportive way. The Utah Opera Organization and the Utah Symphony are both dealing with surmountable obstacles in regards to the survival of the arts. It would be beneficial in the long run, for the future of the arts to stand as one mighty organization rather than two separate entities. There has always been strength in numbers.

Bill Bailey can support the merger using McClellard’s Need Theory. The merger will give the Opera a chance to overcome their current issues with finances and production. The need for achievement which indicates a desire to accomplish something difficult is a prime example of why the merger should be supported. (Kreitner, 2008). The Opera is under pending stress and without the merger the Opera may not survive in the long run. With the merger the Opera will have a better chance of success and achievement.

The merger will also increase the affiliations the Opera currently has. Social relationships are fundamental for the success of the merge. These relationships will help ensure the future success of the merge. The merger also brings the opportunity to teach and encourage each member from the other company. The merge will bring new goals to help achieve optimal success.

McClellard’s Need Theory will satisfy the need for achievement, affiliation and power. The merger brings a challenge with new goals, it brings new acquaintances that can help build the merged company, and the merge will present power to teach, coach and encourage the group towards great accomplishments.

Scott Parker needs to gain support from Mrs. Abravanel. Currently she believes her late husband would be devastated to know a merger of this type is taking place. Mrs. Abravanel is for the musicians and she looks out for their well-being as her late husband. Knowing that this is a motivating factor, Scott Parker could use the Adams Equity theory of motivation.

Scott Parker could motivate Mrs. Abravanel by explaining that the merger will not affect the musicians in a negative way but actually benefit them by alleviating some of the financial pressure the symphony is currently facing. Scott Parker will need to make it clear that the musicians will be treated in a fair and just manner. It should be made clear that the contract for the musicians may be negotiated differently but that will be based on the financial survival of the symphony not based on the merger.

It should also be emphasized that equality is necessary and required for all members. No one will receive greater outcome for similar input. Using this motivational theory alone will not be enough he will need to include a plan for financial growth that will include fund-raising, budget strategies, a bargaining agreement and confirmation that the organizational structure is in alignment with the symphony model. Although Lockhart will report directly to Ewers and not the board, he has the same veto rights as Ewers.

Lastly, the motivation behind the equity theory is that the employees contribution to the company by way of the time, effort, loyalty, commitment, adaptability, tolerance, sacrifice, support and trust in superiors will result in job security, salary and employee benefits. (Kreitner, 2008)

Anne’s current positional power or authority is one as a general director of the Utah Opera and CEO if the merger goes through. Her positional power is one of autocracy. Anne has the authority over her workers and departments. She is able to make decisions that require a quick response. In times of crisis and emergency; Anne’s autocratic positional power will be most effective.

Anne’s personal power or referent power is one of enthusiasm and hard work. Anne will be able to use her personal power to motivate the other workers. She will be able to use her positional power to bring about change and her personal power to influence others to make the change happen. Anne will need to use her personal power in conjunction with her positional power to make this merger successful. If Anne uses her personal power wisely, it will increase her positional power in the merger.

Anne has been the general director for the Utah Opera for over eleven years in that time she has increased revenue increased fund-raising and increased donations. In order for the merger to be pulled off successfully Anne’s business and negotiation skills will be fundamental. Anne needs to analyze the data, define goals, prioritize goals and set an action plan to make the merge successful.

Anne’s positional power gives her the formal authority over the merge. She has the accountability for both departments overall. In regards to the merger Anne must use her positional power when something must be done quickly and there is no time to explain and when accountabilities are in serious jeopardy.

By using personal power Anne can gain compliance in a nonthreatening and non-demanding fashion. Anne needs to start with Lockhart and ease any and all of his doubts about the merger and the responsibility to Anne as his reporting supervisor. Anne can use her personal power of enthusiasm and passion for the merger to influence and dispel any doubts of Lockhart.

Anne has a good reputation in which she is respected by others; she can use this referent power to get others to alter their actions. Anne’s ability to influence others is a referent power that will be necessary to minimize the problems that may arise with change. Communication is important during this phase, Anne must ensure all participants are aware and in compliance Anne’s ability to communicate and motivate others will be needed so she is not seen as a threat by Lockhart. Anne’s personal power will be useful as it will help to reduce resistance from Lockhart and the team.

With the merger comes an obstacle that if not handled properly can jeopardize both organizations. Currently the symphony is under contract while the opera is not. In addition the musicians and the executives do not have a favorable working relationship. How do you save the two organizations by increasing two organizations by increasing capital, building funds, and preserving cash but at the same time honor contracts and bargaining agreements?

Anne will need to confront this right away, the staff and musicians already have conflict with the executives, and the thought of a merger has only compounded any doubts or fears held by the staff.
Anne will need to come to an agreement in regards to the contract and bargaining agreement to ensure it creates a win-win situation for both parties. Through problem solving, reasoning, understanding, communication and support, it will begin to build long lasting relationships.

For those under contract Anne needs to use a variety of influential tactics to gain the support and commitment of the full-time staff. It is best to start out with a solid foundation of fact, reasoning, and logic. By supplying the staff with information they will be able to understand more fully the reasons behind the merge.

Rational persuasion along with consultation will also help influence the full time staff. Anne will need to consult with the staff to exam the problem and work together to find a solution. By utilizing this tactic Anne can appeal to the values, emotions and feelings of the staff.

In order to influence the staff you must understand as it is written in “The seven habits of highly effective people”, “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” (Covey, 2004). When you know what will motivate the staff, you will know how to motivate them because you will be able to tell them what they want to hear.

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