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• Protect the safety and health of employees and people who may be affected

• Conducting risk assessments

• Maintaing safe facilities

• Developing and implementing control measures

• Providing adequate information and training


• Follow safety procedures

• Using equipments in proper manner

• Must not engage in negligent acts

• Introduce activities which are safe for the members’ level of readiness


• Dress appropriately

• Remove jewellery and ornaments that may present a threat to safety

• Secure long hair and spectacles prior to start of activities

• Maintain cleanliness of equipments and personal hygiene levels

• Promote the use of relevant safety equipment

• Be free of any physical injury that affects their capacity to participate

Occupational Health & Safety Guide

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A fundamental part of the new framework to cultivate good safety habits in individuals in order to create a strong safety culture in the workplace. It requires stakeholders to implement reasonable measure to ensure the safety and health of employees and everyone affected by the environment.

Purpose of OHS Act

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Importance for Safety Management


• Transfer of information between trainers

• Injury due to impaired equipments

• Issues realating to employees’ delivery

• Electrical equipment hazards

• Hazards relating to contracted services

Exercise Area

• Health risk relating to members’ over exertion

• Injury due to improper use of equipment

• Risk of infection from unhygienic conditions

• Exercise machinery obstructing the walkway

• Trip hazards due to obstacles on floor, loose tiles or carpets, weights and equipments etc.

Locker Changing Room

• Slippery floors when wet

• Fire hazard relating to hair dryers or other electrical equipments

Sauna/Steam Room

• Health risks associated with the use of saunas

• Injury due to faulty sauna equipment

• Unhygienic practices

• Fire hazard relating to items placed over or in near proximity of sauna heaters


• Electrical exposure

• Pool supervision, for weak swimmers and/or misbehaviour

• Entrapment due to excessive suctions

• Unsafe chemical storage

• Excessive pool gradient

• First aid facilities

Emergency Management

• Emergency exit requirements and lightings

• Evacuation procedures

Potential Safety Hazards

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“Safety has no time-out”

Without proper safety management, the incidents that may arise will result in loss or damage to the organisations’s property, revenue, reputations as well as personal injury to the employees, members and everyone in the workplace.

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