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E-business QRT2

Task 2 E-Commerce Solutions
By expanding a business, the company is going to use an online instant store vendor called Squarespace for E-Commerce. Squarespace is ideal for small business because, it’s quicker to create and cost effective. It also makes designing the website easy and fast and does not need any code expertise. The process of design is mainly a technique to choose from using drag and drop.
Using square space is a plus because it benefits the company by having features that are easy to integrate to social media for example twitter and facebook. With trying to expand, it is easy to import information from previous vendors. It is also an easy payment option partnered with strip with a 2.9 % per transaction as well as coupon creation.
When designing the website, strip is easy to register for and can be used by a customer from anywhere in the world for customers to have the abvility to use their credit card. Another important feature for using strip in squarespace is that the tax ID is also connected. And CitiLimo is able to add a bank account of any currency for example US, UK, or Canadian currency.
Another feature is data management. Easy order management and shipping tools. The vendor itself will benefit by having a long term client and serves as advertisement when customers use their product.
With squarespace, it is easy to add products, create shipping option, and connect with a stripe account. It is easy to update images of the fleet cars and quotes as well as customization of the position and appearance. It makes the reservation process easy for the customers and with easy coupon management and creation. For example squarespace lets it easy to create a coupon with restrictions and expiration. Finally, it makes the confirmation of all transactions that had occurred with squrespace ecommerce show up in...

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