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Task 2 Template of Cultural Diversity


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Sample Report for EFP1 Task 2. This report is intentionally incomplete. It should be used as a model for organization and development. Please read the marginal comments for important tips. Do NOT copy these paragraphs into your own work.

Diversity: Challenges and Opportunities at Kennedy International School
Suzy Student

Western Governors University

A. Introduction
Kennedy International School is a unique middle school, located in suburban

Commented [CT1]: An introduction is not on the rubric.
However, a brief introduction or abstract introduces your school or organization and provides context for the report.

Virginia. The innovative curriculum is academically challenging and integrates citizenship and global perspectives into all classes. The school has 600 students and 63 faculty members. Most students are from middle-income homes with college-educated parents. Recently, however, the student demographics have become more ethnically and economically diverse, leading to a host of challenges and opportunities for the students, faculty, and the surrounding community.

A1. Local Demographics
Members of the Kennedy School community speak a number of languages in addition to
English, including Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, and Russian. This increase in the number of home languages is a result of growth in the immigrant population and an increase in the number of international students. Other than English, the most widely used language is Spanish.
Currently, we have Spanish-speaking students from Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and several Central American nations.

Commented [CT2]: In this section, you must identify and explain three diversity demographics that are currently represented in the school or community organization. In this example, I have identified one—an increase in students who speak languages in addition to English. See

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